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Japanese fare for oishii meals

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Japanese fare for oishii meals

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Japanese fare for oishii meals

With foods that are rich in flavours and colours, setting the table filled with oishii Japanese fare is a lot easier with the wide array of product offerings in-store! Here are two of our favourites:

A staple dish that is rich in taste and texture, Japanese curry rice has always been a popular choice. Whether it is preparing for families or friends, the intensity of curry can be tailored to suit everyone’s preference. Serve it with some greens and miso soup to balance the richness.

Dorayaki pancakes are definitely a snack for all ages! Instead of the traditional way of preparing it with red bean paste, we like ours with peach jam filling instead. Having it with a fragrant cup of green tea, that is definitely our way to enjoy an afternoon with friends and families!

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