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Mother Earth’s Hearty Snacks

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Mother Earth’s Hearty Snacks

June 2013

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Mother Earth’s Hearty Snacks

Snack without overloading on fat! Satisfy mid-afternoon cravings with Mother Earth’s waistline-friendly snacks made free from colouring and flavouring. Keep a few of Mother Earth’s Oaty Slices or Fruit Sticks in your bag or drawer for when you need to grab a bite between meetings or when working late. Made with nature’s wholesome ingredients such as wholegrain oats, cereals, dried fruit and nuts - all nutritiously packed into a bar.

Can't do without chocolate or something sweet? Treat yourself to the Raspberry and White Chocolate slice with bits of creamy milky chocolate balanced by mildly tart raspberry. For a crunchier bite, go for the Almond, Grain and Honeyslice with chopped almonds and buckwheat. Or how about double goodness of the Cranberry and Manuka Honey? Apple lovers can choose either Apple or Apple boosted with Strawberry or Blackcurrant, ideal for a pre-exercise energy boost.

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