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A classic setting of reds and whites

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A classic setting of reds and whites

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A classic setting of reds and whites

Wine, a spirited drink so rich, one dreams of crafting new creations with it. More than just serving as a couple of tipples, wine’s full-bodied richness can also be savoured in different forms. Try your hand at whipping up a decadent Red Wine Chocolate Cake with Poached Pears, or a light Poached Pears in Spiced White Wine. Alternatively, enjoy wine in its liquid goodness with a Watermelon Sangria – a simple homemade treat. From wine-based cocktails to wine-infused desserts, the possibilities are endless.

Enjoy the finest the world has to offer.

Poached Pears in Spiced White Wine

We were trying for a light, refreshing dessert that looks beautiful when plated. So we gathered our spices, threw them in a pot with the wine and while waiting, we trimmed the base of our pears, placed them in the pot standing upright and voila, an elegant, delicious treat we can serve chilled or warm.

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Strawberries with Mascarpone Cream

The dulcet, pink tones of strawberries. The velvety, richness of red wine. On their own, perfect but we were inspired to serve them together. The result is a slight tart sauce that envelopes tender, sweet berries. Now, it is the ideal alfresco dessert.

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Red Wine Chocolate Cake with Poached Pears

Rich, decadent, luxurious. Now this is one cake that will please the wine lover, the dessert hunter and the chocoholic. All in one cake that balances the sweetness of pears, the tartness of red wine and the richness of chocolate. An utterly delicious ending to a glorious meal.

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Watermelon Sangria

Now, here is a punch to remember. Deliciously cool to the touch, visually appealing to the eyes with the cool fruity taste of watermelon, wine and vodka. Once you have done all the preparation, the only thing is to chill and relax while this blend rests in the refrigerator. Once you take the first sip, you know it’s worth the wait.

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Learn how to make these featured wine-infused desserts.

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