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Go Organic With Three Twins Ice Cream


Go Organic With Three Twins Ice Cream

March 2013

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Go Organic With Three Twins Ice Cream

Ice cream always brings on the smiles! There’s just something about the cool confection that makes us happy - its creaminess, smooth sensation and coolness as its melts.

Ice cream made the old-fashioned way using farm-fresh milk from family cows enhanced with organic ingredients is good ice cream! Churned with classic mix-ins, all real and au naturel like vanilla, coffee, chocolate, strawberries or lemons. Absolutely no artificial colouring or faux flavours. Wholesome, authentic flavours. It’s ice cream that tastes home-made. Who wouldn’t love ice cream like that?

That’s what Three Twins organic ice cream promises. A panel of discerning tasters wasted no time and delved straight in. Click on the individual flavour for tasting notes: Madagascar Vanilla, Mocha DifferenceCookies & CreamBittersweet ChocolateLemon Cookie and Strawberry ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’!


Madagascar Vanilla


Vanilla contains more than 2,000 individual flavor compounds. Madagascar vanilla, undisputedly the world’s best, is the base of this unadulterated and clean tasting confection. Hold the toppings please!


Strawberry ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi


The French words literally means “I don’t know what”! Intrigued, we dug in. California strawberries, though not the pinkest, tastes authentic. Then, there’s something else – mildly tart, subtle yet delightful that’s there . . . Ah, it’s balsamic vinegar. * A colloquial expression referring to an attribute that’s difficult to describe!


Mocha Difference


Be forewarned. It’s caffeinated. One scoop has roughly the equivalent amount of caffeine as one cup of coffee. Real chocolate bits sets this mocha treat apart from the rest.


Cookies & Cream


Opening it, we didn’t see a creamy-looking but a milky brown confection speckled with generous crushed chocolate sandwich cookies. More like dunking cookies in cold milk. Creamy and yumms!


Bittersweet Chocolate


Tasting panel’s clear favourite! Rich chocolate taste with hints of bitterness but indulgent nonetheless. Die-hard chocolate fans wouldn’t think about sharing this one!


Lemon Cookie


Reminds us of the much-loved local lemon sandwich biscuit. Texture is a bit grainy from the crushed vanilla sandwich crème cookies but it’s the citrusy aroma of the lemon zest that makes it so refreshing!

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