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Perfect complement to any meal


Perfect complement to any meal

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Perfect complement to any meal

Cheese. It’s one of the oldest foods in the world. From omelets to sandwiches to topping on your favourite entrees, this organic spread of cheeses we’ve laid out for you is the perfect way to tuck in the wholesome goodness of sunny pastures.

Enjoy the finest the world has to offer.

Paris Creek Organic Cheese – Block Cheese

Taste the natural goodness of mild cheddar. Toss it into an open face sandwich using sourdough bread and serve it up with a generous helping of rocket, tomatoes, cucumber. Don’t’ forget to sprinkle a generous amount of alfalfa sprouts and a sprinkle of freshly crushed black peppers.

Paris Creek Organic Cheese – Block Cheese

Be creative with block cheeses. The fresh veggies; the briny burst of olives; the toasted aroma of almonds; all just to compliment the robust taste of Fetta cheese. Such a healthy alternative that’s permeating with flavours to fill your senses.

Organic Valley Organic Cheese – Sliced Cheese

These petite servings of Cheddar slices on crackers are the perfect combustion of sensation. Topped with roasted grapes and a splash of balsamic reduction, every bite of this hors d'oeuvre is a mouthwatering infusion of crunchy, tangy, sweet and savoury. Followed by a sip of our red or white and there we have it, the setting of a perfect indulgence.

Learn how to make this dish.

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