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Serve an indulging breakfast in bed this weekend


Serve an indulging breakfast in bed this weekend

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Serve an indulging breakfast in bed this weekend

The long weekend is near. There’s time to linger, to lull in bed. Time to enjoy a sumptuous breakfast while still tucked beneath the sheets. Indulge yourselves with these organic breakfast-in-bed ideas!

Idea 1: Al Dente Fusilli Appetizer

Start off with a savoury appetizer – a bowl of cold fusilli al dente. Tossed with cherry tomatoes and a dusting of freshly ground peppers, it’s a good note to awake the taste buds for a treat.

Idea 2: Peanut Butter Waffles

Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, waffles are temptations of the right kind. Spread a generous layer of creamy organic peanut butter and top it off with fresh cut fruits for their colours and juicy crunch. Definitely the best accompaniment for some casual reading in our opinion!

Idea 3: Decadent Parfait That Fits The Health Quotient

This decadent yet entirely organic parfait has its ingredients beautifully layered in glassware to better show off the colours. To up the health quotient, we’ve added a layer of chia seeds for good measure.

And this sums up our ideas for the perfect weekend dedicated to spending more time in bed!

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