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Treasures from the sea


Treasures from the sea

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Treasures from the sea

From the blue waters, we haul in a bountiful catch. This sumptuous spread will draw gasps of delight from everyone around your table. Come relish the fresh taste of seaworthy treasures specially selected by the purveyor of fine delights.


Enjoy the finest the world has to offer.


Pasar Slipper Lobster

Understated and delicious, slipper lobster holds sweet, heavenly tasting flesh that we adore. Enjoy them pan roasted with butter, garlic, shallots and top off with a squeeze of lemon juice.

Tiger Jumbo Prawn

Prawns are versatile; you can enjoy it in many ways – from very simple to extravagant. Steam, poach, deep-fry, pan-fry, stir-fry, grill, barbeque; we adore them all. Like all seafood, prawns require little cooking as they can be easily overcooked.

Pasar Pearl Grouper

Perfectly done in an hour, this salt-baked grouper uses only three key ingredients – fish, lemon, salt. With a preheated oven and a bit of patience, it’s a dish that is meant to impress.

Learn how to make this dish.

Emerald Canada Scallop

Scallops have a subtle, sweet flavour. So do your best not to overcook this delicate item. They are a great for your diet as they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids as well as a variety of nutrients that promote cardiovascular health.

Learn how to make this dish.

Port Lincoln Live Pacific Oyster

Rich in vitamins and minerals, oysters are also a good source of zinc, which supports the immune system. Enjoy them with a dash of Tabasco, Mignonette sauce or freshly squeezed lemon. Whichever way you prefer, fresh oysters are pure luxury.

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