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A Delectable Pairing of Wine & Cheese


A Delectable Pairing of Wine & Cheese

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A Delectable Pairing of Wine & Cheese

Add a touch of indulgence to your cosy gathering this weekend! A spread of wine and cheese contains a subtle note of elegance and is sure to win over your guests without coming across as trying too hard to impress. And most importantly, it’s easy to put together! Here are some noteworthy dishes that look good and taste exceptional too.

A simple Italian classic, a Caprese salad is made with fresh mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, basil, and seasoned with olive oil and salt. This is fairly easy, but for a Caprese salad to be outstanding, good quality ingredients must be used. Select tomatoes that are juicy and plump, and use only fresh mozzarella. Additional tip: After removing mozzarella from the refrigerator, submerge it in warm, lightly salted milk to take off the chill and to allow for a super fresh taste and texture. A good olive oil with a distinct aroma also helps to bring out the flavour of the ingredients. And finally, season with coarse salt and pepper for a good crunch!

As no cooking is needed, a meat and cheese platter is incredibly fuss-free. Lay out some ham and salami and relish in that smoky and savoury bite. On the side, include some feta cheese soaked in olive oil, herbs and peppercorn. This rich and creamy soft cheese is usually made with sheep or goat’s milk, and it’s perfect for spreading on crisp crackers. And to refresh your palates, pop some berries in to cut through the rich flavours!

A get together is never complete without a bottle or two! Pop your favourite bottle open and indulge in that enticing aroma first before taking a few sips. Go ahead, you deserve this well-earned treat!

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