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Refreshing twist on classic cocktails


Refreshing twist on classic cocktails

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Refreshing twist on classic cocktails

Get together with joy and laughter, and revel in the familiar clink of glasses. This time, why not jazz things up a little by concocting your very own wine cocktails? Stick to persona favourites or explore different varieties. And perhaps, you might discover a newly-treasured taste.

Enjoy the finest taste the world has to offer.

White Wine Mojito

Be it served in a tumbler or a skinny glassware, this concoction is a refreshing wonder to the senses. Light, minty, chilled; it’s the perfect cocktail for sipping. Enjoy this easy, go-to drink under any sky.

Red Wine Punch

Here is our bold take on the evergreen fruit punch. Yes, there are still fruits, but we bind this sophisticated concoction with one key ingredient: a bottle of red wine. Throw in brandy, your favourite fruit liqueur. In a chilled glass, this bespoke drink of yours will contain remembrance of times past with the additions of today’s marvels. Cheers.

Red Wine Berry Spritzer

Enjoy the buzz of that European feeling while sipping this all-star red wine berry spritzer. Aptly known as the ‘summer red wine drink’, it is best served in an old-fashioned glass (you can jazz it up with other fancy ones as you wish too) with crushed ice, red wine and sparkling water. But what makes our concoction stand out as a fresh winner? Simply by using chilled red wine and fruit-flavour carbonated water of course.

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