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About FairPrice Gold Infant Milk Formula

Fairprice Gold High quality formula milk is introduced to provide better value and wider choice for customers. The new formula milk, which is sourced from Australia and available in three variants for children of different ages, is retailing at all FairPrice, FairPrice Finest, FairPrice Xtra, and FairPrice Shop outlets, as well as at Warehouse Club and FairPrice Online (www.fairprice.com.sg). FairPrice Gold formula milk range is sourced from dairy farms in the Gippsland Region of Australia, renowned for production of high quality dairy products, and manufactured in a Pharmaceutical Grade facility under stringent standards set by Food Standards of Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ). All three variants have also been fortified with Omega 3 (docosahexaenoic acid), Omega 6 (arachidonic acid), Lutein, Galacto Oligosaccharides (Prebiotic – GOS) and Nucleotides.


Breast milk is best for babies!

The World Health Organisation (WHO) and Health Promotion Board (HPB) recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life. Unnecessary introduction of bottle feeding or other food and drinks will have a negative impact on breastfeeding.

At around six months of age (but not before 4 months), infants should receive nutritionally adequate and age-appropriate complementary foods while breastfeeding continues for up to two years of age or beyond. If no longer breastfeeding, toddlers can switch to full cream milk after 12 months. This should be complemented by a good variety of solid foods from the four main food groups (fruits, vegetables, grains, meat and alternatives).

Consult your doctor before deciding to use infant formula or if you have difficulty breastfeeding.

FairPrice fully recognises breast milk’s primacy, value and superiority, and supports exclusive breastfeeding as recommended by WHO.

For more information on the nutritional requirements of infants and young children, please visit www.healthhub.sg/earlynutrition


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about FairPrice Gold Infant Formula


1.     What is the main difference between a starter (Step 1) and follow-on (Step 2) formula?

Step 1 has been formulated with the level of nutrients for a baby from birth to 6 months of age. Step 2 has been formulated for babies from 6 to 12 months of age.

The major difference between our Infant Formula and Follow-On Formula is the ratio of whey and casein proteins.

FairPrice Gold Infant Formula is whey dominant with around 60% whey protein and 40% casein protein. Human Breast milk also has around 60% whey and 40% casein. It is important that a baby who is formula fed from 0-6 months starts with a whey dominant formula like our Infant Formula.

FairPrice Gold Follow-on Formula is whey-casein balanced with 50% casein protein and 50% whey protein. The change of ratio is because casein is slower to digest than whey, it may keep baby feeling full a little longer. Solid foods should be gradually given to infants from 6 months onwards.


2.     For my 4 weeks baby just wondering how much I give for per feed?

The Feeding Guide on the label may be followed, however, always consult your pediatrician, should you require feeding advice.


3.     Does the formula have to be refrigerated after making?

If not consumed immediately, it can be stored in a refrigerator. Use within 24 hours or discard.


4.     Is your formula Halal certified?

Yes, our formulas are manufactured in Australia and are certified by the Islamic Coordinating Council of Victoria (ICCV). ICCV is the major Islamic organisation responsible for the certification, monitoring, and supervision of Halal food exports from Australia. This halal certification is recognized by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis).


5.     Can I feed my 6 months old baby with Newborn Formula Stage 1 until he is 9 months old?

Each Stage has been formulated for the specific age group, however, for best advice, consult with your pediatrician.


6.    My baby is 5-months plus, I want to change his milk to FairPrice Gold, so which formula should I choose?

Step 1 has been developed for newborn to 6 months of age. Step 2 is from 6 months to 12 months. Always consult your pediatrician, should you require feeding advice.


7.   Is it important when changing from one type of formula to another that it is done with a gradual transition or can I change from one feed of one product to the next product?

A gradual transition is recommended when switching from one formula to another. The transition should occur slowly to allow your baby’s digestive system to adjust and get used to the new formula. Always consult your pediatrician, should you require feeding advice.


8.     Can your formulas be pre-made in advance and stored in the fridge?

The pre-made formulas can be stored in a refrigerator, for up to 24 hours. Discard any remaining formula, if not consumed within time.


9.     How many feeds a day can I give my toddler of FairPrice Gold Growing Up milk?

The Feeding amounts on the label are only a guide. Always consult your pediatrician, should you require feeding advice.


10.   Are your products suitable for babies or toddlers with allergies?

Known allergens in the product, are listed on the label - Milk products, Soy and Fish. If your baby is sensitive to any of these, then this product should not be consumed. Always consult your pediatrician, should you require feeding advice.


11.   Are your products Gluten Free?

The products are made in a facility, which does not carry or process any cereal products. There are no Gluten carrying ingredients used in the manufacture of the product.


12.   Do I need to consult a pediatrician before using this formula?

You should always consult your pediatrician, before using this, or any other formula.


13.   Do your formulas contain all the nutrients my baby needs until 12 months?

All infant formulas in Singapore must comply with a strict recipe as dictated by the Singapore Food Regulation for infant formula and must meet all the complete nutritional needs of babies for the first 12 or so months of their lives at least. The FairPrice Gold formulas meet these requirements and we pride ourselves in the quality of the products we create.


14.   Where does your milk come from?

We source our milk 100% from Australia. The milk which FairPrice Gold range is based comes from dairy farms in Gippsland Region of Australia, the largest co-operative dairy in the southern hemisphere and the major dairy region in Australia. The grass-fed cows are free to graze on the pristine pastures of Gippsland producing consistent high-quality milk. All the milk powder meet the Milk Supply Standards set by the Australian Government mandatory regulations.