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Our Social Mission

Our Social Mission

NTUC FairPrice's beginnings and operations are grounded on its founding social mission to moderate the cost of living in Singapore. The social mission of FairPrice is at the core of its operations and this is what sets us apart from other retailers.

Apart from keeping the prices of essential items low, we have also expanded our social role by value-adding to our members, making a difference regionally during times of crisis and practising Corporate Social Responsibility. Find out more on our efforts in the following areas:

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Moderating Cost of Living

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FairPrice Housebrand Products

FairPrice housebrand products were introduced since 1985 to offer better value and savings to customers. Today, the sub-brands under the FairPrice housebrand umbrella,  namely FairPrice housebrand, FairPrice Gold, FairPrice Pasar, FairPrice HomeProud and Budget, continue providing quality products at great value to customers from all walks of life. In July 2008, Pasar Organic was introduced to offer customers  truly organic produce at affordable prices.

Everyday Low Price Items

In line with its social role, FairPrice maintains a basket of 500 essential items that are competitively priced. At least 90 per cent of Everyday Low Price items are among the lowest priced in the market. The initiative, verified through regular price surveys, underscores our commitment to making essential items affordable for all our customers.

GST Absorption

The GST Absorption Programme was started in 1994 when the GST was first implemented. FairPrice took the initiative to help cushion the impact of the tax by absorbing the tax for a year. FairPrice activated the GST Absorption programme in 2003, 2004 and 2007 when there were GST increases.

3% Discount to Pioneers on Mondays and Wednesdays

To thank our pioneers for their contribution to nation-building and recognise the important roles they continue to play in our lives today, the "Pioneers OK!" package was launched in October 2014. Pioneers can enjoy 3% off their purchases at FairPrice stores every Monday and Wednesday when they show their Pioneer Generation Card during checkout*.

*Pioneers must be present and discount is valid for purchases up to S$200(excludes cigarettes and statutory products) per transaction per day. Our staff may request for proof of identification for verification.

3% Discount to Merdeka Generation Members on Wednesdays

In appreciation to our Merdeka Generation members for their contribution in developing Singapore as a vibrant nation with a cohesive community, FairPrice is extending a 3% off their purchases at our stores every Wednesday when they show their Merdeka Generation Card during checkout*.

*Merdeka Generation members must be present and discount is valid for purchases up to S$200(excludes cigarettes and statutory products) per transaction per day. Our staff may request for proof of identification for verification.

2% Discount to Seniors on Tuesdays

Since 2002, FairPrice has been extending a 2% discount to senior shoppers aged 60 years and above when they shop on Tuesdays*. This is to provide financial relief for  seniors who are no longer working and earning an income. It also serves to encourage active seniors to shop for the family and promotes an active lifestyle for seniors as well as family bonding. On average, about 80,000 seniors enjoy the 2% discount every Tuesday at FairPrice stores.

*Seniors must be present and discount is valid for purchases up to S$200(excludes cigarettes and statutory products) per transaction per day. Our staff may request for proof of identification for verification.

3% Discount to Cardholders of the Blue Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) on Thursdays

In order to provide greater savings and relief for low-income families, FairPrice has introduced a dedicated discount scheme for holders of the blue Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) card.

Under this scheme, cardholders of the blue CHAS card will enjoy a three per cent discount at all FairPrice stores and Unity pharmacies every Thursday, from 15 July 2021 till end of the year, when they show their valid Blue CHAS card during checkout*.

*Cardholders must be present and discount is valid for purchases up to S$200 (excludes cigarettes and statutory products) per transaction per day.

LinkPoints and Rebates

LinkPoints loyalty programme was rolled out in 1999 to provide greater value and savings to customers. Customers can use their accumulated LinkPoints to offset their purchases instantly at FairPrice stores. Every year, more than 500,000 FairPrice members will also get attractive rebates for their purchases.


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Patronage Rebate

Members will receive patronage rebate when they shop at any stores of NTUC FairPrice. The rate of rebate is determined at the Co-operative's Annual General Meeting and rebates are paid annually based on purchases made during the last financial year, up to a maximum of $6,000 per annum. Just present your valid NTUC Plus! Card at the point of purchase (please note that rebates will not be given for the purchase of cigarettes and statutory items such as 4D, Big Sweep, TOTO, FairPrice Gift Vouchers and Gift Cards, and infant milk powder (0-12mths)).

Members also get to earn bonus LinkPoints as they shop at FairPrice and Cheers with a valid Plus! Card.

From 1 August 2021, the Plus! Rewards programme will no longer require a minimum spend to start earning LinkPoints. This will enable customers with smaller basket sizes to maximise their savings, providing more savings to a wider pool of customers as the Plus! Rewards programme is free with no recurrent subscription fees.

*Please note that no LinkPoints will be awarded for the purchase of tobacco products, infant formula milk, statutory items, gift vouchers, mobile phone, mobile phone accessories, subscriptions and cigarettes.

To Apply For NTUC FairPrice Membership

To be eligible for FairPrice personal membership, you have to be a member of either an NTUC-affiliated trade union or the NTUC General Branch.

Hurry on down to the nearest FairPrice store and pick up your application form or you can download (pdf) the application form from our website.

To find out how you can join the union or the General Branch, click on NTUC Membership. For further enquiries on FairPrice Membership and its benefits, you can email us at fairprice.membership@fairprice.com.sg or call our FairPrice Membership Department at 6888 1880. 

National Efforts

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FairPrice pledges to perform its social role to serve, care and share with not just its customers, but also the society and nation.

The world is getting smaller and global events are no longer distant and removed from our daily lives. FairPrice is thankful to be able to make a big difference to both the local and global communities.

Gulf War

During the Gulf War, there was anxiety and panic buying. FairPrice took the initiative to allay fears of rice shortage by ensuring ample supplies and stabilised prices for rice.


When SARS broke out in 2003, FairPrice helped to pack and deliver food to those who were quarantined and when the Pasir Panjang wholesale market was temporarily closed.

FairPrice helped to stabilize vegetable prices with its prompt response in importing more vegetables from other sources such as Australia. FairPrice even had to cap the purchase of vegetables per consumer to prevent traders from sweeping the stocks off its racks.

Avian Flu in 2004

FairPrice acted swiftly to put in place precautionary measures to curb profiteering by traders. Measures that restricted the purchase of eggs were unpopular but necessary to help deter traders from buying them in bulk and re-selling them at higher prices.

When the import ban was lifted and the supply returned to normal, prices of eggs remained high. FairPrice worked closely with suppliers to bring down the prices of eggs.

We took the initiative to reduce the price of Malaysian eggs from S$2.10 to S$1.50 for 10 eggs. This helped to restore the price to the pre-ban level for the benefit of consumers.

When the ban was imposed on Malaysian poultry and eggs in August 2004, FairPrice brought in the largest quantity of imported eggs from Australia and New Zealand. This helped to alleviate the egg shortage and moderated the rapid increases in egg price.

In addition to holding down the prices of frozen chicken from our existing stockpile, we took immediate steps to increase frozen poultry imports from Brazil, the United States and Europe.

FairPrice also increased its meat supplies such as fish, seafood, pork and beef to meet the demand from customers who preferred to switch to alternative sources of meat.

Asian Tsunami in 2004

FairPrice contributed more than S$50,000 worth of food essentials towards victims affected by the Asian tsunami disaster. FairPrice senior management led members of its staff volunteer club, Club V, in putting together 5,000 food relief packages at its Upper Thomson Road warehouse.

Each package contained staple food items like rice, milk and biscuits. FairPrice also sold S$10 Food Relief Packages at its supermarkets for donation towards tsunami victims.

The items were dispatched to the victims through humanitarian aid agencies such as Mercy Relief and Singapore Red Cross.

Pakistan Earthquake in 2005

NTUC FairPrice contributed S$5,000 worth of food through Mercy Relief and placed Red Cross donation tins at supermarkets to gather donations from members of the public.

Dengue Outbreak in 2005

Special anti-mozzies corners were set up at FairPrice outlets to sell anti-dengue products during the dengue fever outbreak in Singapore. During a visit by NTUC and union leaders to construction sites, FairPrice sponsored 1,000 sets of goody bags that were distributed to workers.

United Nations Global Compact

In 2005, NTUC FairPrice became a founding signatory to the Singapore network of the United Nations Global Compact, and is supportive of the 10 United Nations principles as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility journey.

Singapore 2006

FairPrice provided one million bottles of FairPrice housebrand drinking water for more than 16,000 delegates at Singapore 2006, one of the largest series of international meetings ever held in Singapore in September 2006.

Partner in National Emergency Food Plan

In times of peace, FairPrice continues to play its social role. As a major food provider, FairPrice is an integral player in the national emergency food plan.

We have invested in a fresh food distribution centre and a central warehouse. Apart from productivity gains, the distribution centres have also enabled us to play our social role more effectively - lowering our cost of operation and passing on the cost savings to consumers, and providing the public with quality products and food safety through better cold chain management.

Contribution towards China Earthquake Relief Effort in 2008

In May 2008, FairPrice helped to drive the Singapore Red Cross China Earthquake Appeal by offering our network of more than 200 stores across Singapore for the public to make donations. To kick start the donation drive, FairPrice donated S$20,000 towards the China earthquake relief effort. With generous support from customers, FairPrice helped to raise a total of S$155,740.

Contribution to Rebuild Lives for Disaster Victims in The Philippines and Indonesia in 2009

In October 2009, FairPrice rallied the community to raise funds for the Singapore Red Cross' Philippines Tropical Storm Appeal and the Padang (Sumatra) Earthquake Appeal. Members of the public were able to contribute their donations at over 230 FairPrice stores islandwide, including Cheers and FairPrice Xpress stores. All donations were earmarked for the relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts for survivors of the disasters. To kick start the donation drive, FairPrice donated S$20,000 towards this cause.

FairPrice supported Singapore Red Cross Donation Drive to aid Japan Disaster victims

FairPrice supported the Singapore Red Cross Japan Disaster 2011 donation drive by extending its network of over 250 stores as donation points for the public. To kickstart the donation drive, FairPrice donated S$20,000 to the good cause.

Corporate Social Responsibility

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