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Frequently Asked Questions
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FairPrice Share-A-Textbook

Frequently Asked Questions



FairPrice Share-A-Textbook 2019

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)




About FairPrice Share-A-Textbook


Q:What is FairPrice Share-A-Textbook?

FairPrice Share-A-Textbook (formerly known as FairPrice Used Textbooks Project) is NTUC FairPrice’s signature community project that is held annually. 


Q:When did NTUC FairPrice launch the project?

NTUC FairPrice first started the Used Textbooks Project in 1983. Pre-loved textbooks were collected and distributed for free to needy students. The project was rebranded as FairPrice Share-A-Textbook in 2010.


Q:What are the objectives of the project?

  1. Promote a greener Singapore through recycling of pre-loved textbooks;
  2. Encourage the value of thrift; and
  3. Relieve the financial burden of families by providing free pre-loved textbooks.


Q:What has the project achieved so far?

Over the past 36 years, more than 5.3 million textbooks had been collected to help over 260,000 students save on textbooks expenses.


The project received the PRISM (Public Relations in Service to Mankind) award from the Institute of Public Relations in Singapore for its significant contribution to mankind. It also received a Green Leaf Merit Award from the then Ministry for the Environment for its promotion of environmental friendliness through re-using and recycling waste. In September 2006, the FairPrice Used Textbooks Project was hailed as a Best Practice from Singapore for promoting environmental friendliness and human rights by the UN Global Compact, a United Nations organisation which champions corporate social responsibility.


Q:What is the mechanism of the project?

The project consists of:  (a) Donation period and (b) Distribution days.


Q:What and when is the donation period?

Members of the public donate their pre-loved textbooks for the project at:

  • FairPrice stores islandwide, including FairPrice Finest supermarkets, FairPrice Xtra hypermarkets, Warehouse Club and FairPrice Xpress stores at Esso service stations;
  • Tampines Changkat Community Club, Tampines North Community Club and Tampines West Community Club


This year, the donation period is from 29th October to 30th November 2019. All books collected will be sent for sorting before distribution.


Q:What type of pre-loved textbooks can one donate?

We welcome all textbooks that are in the current syllabus and in usable condition (i.e. no torn / missing pages and no scribbling).

You may visit https://www.moe.gov.sg/education/syllabuses/approved-textbook-list for list of books in current syllabus.


Q:Will FairPrice take in assessment books, story books or encyclopedias?

Yes we do, they will be sorted under reference category for the public to choose from.


Q:When is the public* distribution day?

Members of the public are welcome to pick up pre-loved textbooks on 8th December 2019 at Arena @ Our Tampines Hub, 1 Tampines Walk, Singapore 528523.

* Students under the Priority Collection Scheme will pick up their textbooks on 7th December 2019.


Q:Where is Our Tampines Hub?


Q:What are the things to note on distribution day?

Please be advised to bring along your own bags as they will not be provided on the distribution day.


Q:What happens to the textbooks which are not collected during distribution day?

Remaining textbooks will be sent for recycling.


Be a part and volunteer with us!


Q:How do I volunteer for this project?

The project will be launched on 29th October and lasts till 8th December 2019. Volunteers will support this project from 4th November over 3 phases.


Scope of work


(1) Sort through donated books and segregate books into the various academic levels and subject

(2) Filtering of books to ensure that donated books are in line with current syllabus

(3) Ensure that recipients are able to obtain relevant titles to meet their needs more accurately


Wagons layout, queue management, stocking of wagons with books


Queue management, replenishment of books and assisting recipients with book search


Q:When is the latest I could register to volunteer for this project?

Please register online via this link https://forms.gle/JwyS24Z3fRN2WoAC9 by 30th November 2019, 12pm.

As much as we would like to accommodate all requests, kindly note that volunteering slots are on a first come first serve basis.


Q:What are the dates and time slots for volunteering?

We are recruiting volunteers for the following phases of the project:






4th Nov – 4th Dec

FairPrice Hub,

1 Joo Koon Circle, FairPrice Hub

AM: 9 AM – 1 PM

PM: 1 PM – 5 PM

Set Up

6th Dec

Our Tampines Hub,

1 Tampines Walk, Singapore 528523

AM: 9 AM – 3 PM

PM: 2 PM – 8 PM


7th & 8th Dec



Q:Where can feedback or enquiries be channeled to?

Feedback and enquiries on FairPrice Share-A-Textbook 2019 can be channeled to our email at fptextbook@fairprice.com.sg.


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