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Dry January, a campaign that advocates for the abstinence of alcohol during the first month of the year, may be over. But an increasing number of people are embracing the NoLo (low- or zero-alcohol) lifestyle throughout the year.

This cultural shift can be credited in large part to millennials (aged 27 to 42). Their reasons for laying off the hard stuff? This health-conscious lot is mindful about the effects that alcohol has on their well-being — plus, they’ve discovered that they don’t need to get drunk to have fun.

Supermarkets are capitalising on the trend with their ever-expanding range of low- or zero-alcohol beers, wines and spirits . On the FairPrice Group app, for instance, there are more than 15 variations of alcohol-free beers from established brands like Carlsberg and Heineken.

Now serving

Bars and restaurants, too, have started offering booze-free drinks — but rather than tasting and looking like something a 12-year-old would sip on, today's “mocktails” (typically crafted from sodas, syrups, juices, flavourings and herbs) are inventive and distinctly flavoured.

At The Grocer Bar, which is housed in four FairPrice Finest stores including Clarke Quay and Centrepoint, mocktails priced as low as $8 are available for teetotallers. Some of these are popular classics in a non-alcoholic form, like Virgin Shirley Temple and Virgin Mojito.

And patrons are lapping it up. Studio 1939 in Potato Head Singapore sells about 70 NoLo drinks a night, which accounts for almost 15 per cent of their total drink sales. “Our mocktails feature refreshing and light, but approachable flavours that complement our food menu,” says Daniel Fong, head bartender at Studio 1939, Potato Head Singapore.

Sam Ng, co-founder of Puffy Bois, echoes the sentiment that no booze doesn’t mean no fun. “The mocktails we serve look and taste as unique as our alcoholic cocktails — we even use the same kind of glassware and garnishes,” he says, adding that he may serve more than 30 NoLo orders in a week.

Fancy a NoLo tipple? Here are six to try.

1. Light, crisp and malty

Like the standard Tsingtao Premium Lager, this beer is made using Laoshan mineral water, malted barley, sugar, hops and natural flavourings — but without the alcohol.

2. Bubbly delicious

This slightly sweet, effervescent beverage has delicate floral and fruit aromas, is easy on the palate, and has an exquisite citrusy finish from quince.

3. A bold red

A full-bodied, velvety-smooth pick with notes of berry, cedar and light pepper, it is made with a fusion of Shiraz grapes and Himalayan Shangri-La gold black tea.

The Gunner (Virgin) from The Grocer Bar

4. Refresher course

Perfect for our warm weather, The Gunner (Virgin) is a delicious mix of ginger ale, ginger beer and lime juice. It is one of the many affordable mocktails available at The Grocer Bar.

Cheesy Melon High, from Studio 1939, Potato Head Singapore

5. Cheese, please

This delightful pink creation combines flavours of apple, watermelon and mint, with feta cheese and herby oregano.

What What, from Puffy Bois

6. Say what?

It starts with a base made from a four-citrus blend (juices of lemon, lime, pink grapefruit and calamansi) and citrus oil extraction. Guests can then customise the drink with herbs such as tarragon and basil, bitters, or various syrups, like almond and cherry. They can also choose how it’s served — long, short or on-the-rocks.

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