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Heatwaves, erratic weather and rising sea levels. As we grapple with climate change, our lifestyle choices can make a difference. For a start, we could be more mindful about the products we use at home. Choosing more eco-friendly products and appliances can conserve energy and money over time.

To encourage Singapore households to be more efficient in their use of energy and water, the Government launched Climate Vouchers in 2020 for one-, two- and three-room HDB households. But from 15 April 2024, all HDB households will receive $300 in Climate Vouchers for buying energy-efficient household products, with new additions such as direct current (DC) fans, washing machines and water closets at participating retailers, including FairPrice stores.

These vouchers are part of the enhanced Climate Friendly Households Programme (CFHP) launched by the National Environment Agency (NEA) and PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency. To learn how to claim and use them at FairPrice stores, click here.

Ready to make a small change for the future? Here are some climate-friendly products that you can find at FairPrice stores — just in time for Earth Day on 22 April too!

1. Use 25 per cent less electricity with an LED light.

If you’re using: Compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) light bulbs

Try this eco-friendly option: Osram LED Value Classic A60 Bulb

Here’s why: LED bulbs are more energy efficient than CFL bulbs, which translates to a lower electricity bill. Your home will also feel cooler, as most of the energy in LED bulbs is released as light, unlike in CFL bulbs where it is mostly released as heat. LED bulbs also last a lot longer, with a typical lifespan of around 15,000 hours, compared to 8,000 hours for a CFL bulb, according to NEA.

2. Save on electricity bills with a DC fan.

If you’re using: Air-conditioning or an alternating current (AC) fan

Try this eco-friendly option: A direct current (DC) fan like this Sona 3-in-1 Remote DC Stand Fan

Here’s why: You can save up to $460 in electricity bills every year by using a fan instead of the air-conditioner. Climate Voucher-approved DC fans are not only more energy efficient than AC fans — which translates to greater savings — but quieter too!

3. Choose refrigerators with three ticks and more.

If you’re using: A fridge with two ticks

Try this eco-friendly option: Midea 320L Bottom Mounted Fridge

Here’s why: A fridge with three ticks or more uses energy more efficiently, which means good news for your electricity bills.

4. Swap to shower fittings with three ticks.

If you’re using: Shower heads and mixers with two or fewer ticks

Try this eco-friendly option: HomeProud Multi Function Shower Head

Here’s why: You don't have to compromise on water pressure or sustainability with today's eco-friendly shower fittings. The three ticks mean that they're certified under PUB's Water Efficiency Labelling scheme, and can save up to 38% more water compared to uncertified fittings.

5. Use a four-tick washing machine.

If you’re using: A two or three-tick model

Try this eco-friendly option: Four-tick Sharp Front Load Washer Dryer

Here’s why: The four-tick washing machines use less than 6 litres of water for every load, compared to between 6 to 9 litres for the three-tick machines. You’ll also save 43 per cent more water per wash compared to two-tick machines, which certainly adds up over time!

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