4 easy activities to keep the kids occupied

With materials easily found at home or at FairPrice.

5 healthy, homemade baby food blends

Big nutrition, tempting flavours.

Turning snacks into teaching aid

Most mothers find snacks to be their worst enemy when it comes to their children’s eating habits, but learn how to turn into teaching aid.

Fun with fruits

A good way to get kids to like fruits is to create fruit art out of it. Cut them into interesting designs or display them creatively on the plate.

Affordable and creative sandwiches ideas

Make healthy and creative sandwiches for your kids. This is not only money-saving, but can also be a fun bonding activity for the family.

How to get your kids to eat more vegetables

You know vegetables are good for kids, but it is always last things on their minds. Here are four tips on how to introduce vegetable into their diet.

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