Our Divisions

The core of our business, the Channels Division is always growing, innovating and challenging the limits of the retail industry. Full of action and energy, the gears are constantly revolving on all levels in our pursuits towards being Singapore’s leading World-Class Retailer with a Heart.

Departments based in headquarters include Fresh Food Taskforce, Store Design and more. For positions based in our retail stores, please refer to the Store tab.

A key player in the transformation journey, the Digital & Technology division drives FairPrice in aspects of our e-commerce, and continuously enhances operation capabilities in the digital forefront.

Departments include FP On, Information Technology and more.

From sourcing to negotiations to reporting, the Purchasing & Merchandising division propels the strategic development of FairPrice’s product ranges, including our very own Housebrand.

Departments include Category Portfolio & Business Planning, Housebrand, Products and more.

Playing a critical role to the business success of FairPrice, the Corporate Services division seeks to support our businesses in achieving excellence through essential work streams and cross-functional projects.

Departments range from front office (e.g. Corporate Branding, Corporate Communications, Customer Analytics, Marketing) to middle office (e.g. Process and Business Technology) to back office (e.g. Finance, Human Resource, Real Estate, Strategy Development) and more.

Leading FairPrice’s intricate distribution system, the Supply Chain division optimizes logistics-related processes, solutions and infrastructure to provide a seamless experience for both internal and external stakeholders.

Department includes Supply Chain, who works closely with Grocery Logistics of Singapore Pte Ltd (GLS), a wholly-owned subsidiary.

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