Faces of FairPrice: Yucai

Yucai gives a glimpse into the setup of FairPrice Finest at LeQuest.

Creativity is about not breaking the rules

Chef Woo whips up a delicious Xi’an Spiced Chicken with Fragrant Rice!

Nurul Aini’s Homemade Creamy Seafood Pasta

Nurul Aini whips up a delicious creamy seafood pasta, perfect for children.

Old School Favourites, New School Tastes: Dr. Leslie Tay

A new spin on a favourite school tuckshop food.

Faces of FairPrice: Rani

Rani shares the secret to her resilience.

In Conversation With: Ethel Hoon

From Singapore to Sweden.

Faces of FairPrice: Rozana Read

A mother of 2 discusses life in the new normal.

In Conversation With: Jereme Leung

A professional home cook at heart!

Did You Know?

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