4 beauty benefits of watermelon for your skin and hair

Juicy, fresh and oh so satisfying — whichever way you slice it, there’s nothing better than a slice of refreshing watermelon on a hot day!

As a fruit, watermelon also has amazing health benefits to help boost your inner glow. From supple skin to lustrous locks, here’s 4 beauty benefits of watermelon for your skin and hair that you’ll love!

Benefit 1: It hydrates your skin

If chomping down on a slice of watermelon feels like you’re chugging a tall glass of water, then you’re not wrong — it’s packed with up to 91% water per 100 grams¹! Watermelon is considered one of the most hydrating fruits that can help to clear heat, irritability and thirst; in Chinese medicine, the outermost layer of the rind is even used to relieve heat exhaustion². Its high water content perfectly plumps up dull and dry skin to keep it looking fresh every day.

Benefit 2: It keeps your skin supple

Watermelon is a good source of vitamin C³ , an essential nutrient that boosts collagen and skin health. Collagen is a protein that helps to strengthen tendons and ligaments, parts of the body that help to keep it well-connected⁴. Not only does collagen help to keep the body running smoothly, but also strengthens your skin to keep it supple!

Benefit 3: It strengthens your hair

Besides collagen, arginine is another protein that is found in excess in watermelon. Arginine is known for promoting blood circulation, particularly within the scalp.  The increased blood circulation can help to strengthen hair growth for lustrous locks you’ll love!

Benefit 4: It calms down irritated skin

Ever wondered what gives watermelon its vibrant red hue? Beta-carotene! However, beta-carotene can also help to soothe inflammation — a reaction by the immune system to a stimulus or trigger. When left uncontrolled, high levels of inflammation in the body can directly contribute to acne. Beta-carotene prevents this by speeding up cell turnover to reveal vibrant skin; it’s even known to protect from sunburns!

The bottom line: Watermelon is a healthy fruit with surprisingly sweet beauty benefits for your skin and hair. Refresh your beauty routine with each juicy bite today!



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