4 food products made in Singapore that make us proud

Just like our fresh homegrown produce, the selection of locally made ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook products at our ninth annual Made in Singapore fair is just as impressive!

From now till 14 October, all you need to do is head down to a participating store to shop for these local products. What’s more, you can buy any 2 participating local products with a minimum $30 spend in a single receipt to receive a limited edition FairPrice Neighbourhood Apron!

Ready to find out what some of these participating products are? Check these 4 proudly made-in-Singapore food products off your grocery list!

1. Cafe21 2 in 1 Instant Coffeemix

We’re kicking off this list with everybody’s favourite beverage to start their day (sorry, tea lovers)! Get your quick caffeine fix from these Halal-certified sticks from Cafe21! Under homegrown beverage maker Viz Branz, Cafe21 was a pioneer in the 2-in-1 instant coffee segment in the early 2000s. As the first white coffee with a non-dairy creamer, it uses authentic Colombian Arabica beans to produce a mild bitter flavour that is well-balanced with creaminess. Discerning coffee drinkers can enjoy it on its own or ‘gah dai’ for added sweetness.

If you’re a budding baker as well, you can also satisfy your sweet tooth with a coffee-infused Chocolate Cup Fruit Cake!

2. Shi Le Po Salted Egg Fish Skin

Like all Singaporeans, the collective of food lovers behind Shi Le Po demand for unpretentious but seriously good eats. And they deliver! Their commitment is already reflected in their name — Shi Le Po was a colloquial moniker given to early modern Singapore that the company cleverly transliterated in Mandarin to 食乐坡, representing a nation that loves to eat! Their wide range of fish skin snacks are made from all-natural ingredients, freshly prepared and packed on the same day without artificial flavouring or preservatives. The spicy variant is a gastronomical delight, elegantly balanced with a secret blend for an added kick!

What’s more, you can get two packets at a special offer price of $10 at the fair!

3. Prima Taste Ready Meals

Prima Taste was born from the belief that traditional Singaporean hawker food can remain rooted in the across generations. Founder and Chairman Primus Cheng wanted to make the food he knew and loved growing up to be shared with our increasingly busy population. His commitment to authenticity drove him to team up with several best-selling stalls islandwide. Unraveling and faithfully replicating the hidden culinary secrets behind Singapore’s most popular hawker dishes, he successfully captured the flavours of our little red dot—on the dot—for Singaporeans and more to enjoy!

Most Prima Taste Ready Meals also come with Halal certification, and are made using multi-grain rice. Each pack contains dietary fibre, soluble fibre and prebiotics, with no added preservatives. No refrigeration needed, and it’s ready to eat it in 90 seconds anytime, anywhere! 

4. Koka Purple Wheat Noodles

We end off on a colourful note with an interesting food product from Koka, the 34-year-old Singapore brand whose instant noodle range people would fly in from overseas just to buy and collect. Now with over 100 food products to its name, its Purple Wheat Noodles takes centrestage, an innovation frontrunner in the instant noodle market. Its vibrant colour comes from age-defying anthocyanins that contain a whopping 3,400 micromoles of antioxidant activity per serving! Low in fat and sodium and high in whole grains, the noodles are made from a fat-free process of steaming and baking instead of frying, and are free of added MSG, preservatives and colouring.

Which of these interesting food products did you discover was locally produced? Discover local gems and more only at FairPrice Made in Singapore fair!

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