4 ways to use instant laksa paste creatively

At the heart of familiar spicy favourites such as laksa crab is a flavourful paste (or rempah). However, a packet or bottle of instant laksa paste is also incredibly versatile and packs a punch to any dish that it’s added to.

From an appetiser to dessert, don’t be afraid to experiment with our four recommended ways of using instant laksa paste creatively!

1. Laksa spring rolls

Before any main dish is a good appetiser and these laksa spring rolls tick all of the right boxes — they’re easy to eat and will enhance or moderate your appetite.

They’re small in size yet big on flavour!  It’s incredibly versatile as you can throw whatever ingredients you’d like such as prawns and boiled eggs into the mix, too!

Roll it your way with these laksa spring rolls!

Image credit: Kitchen (Mis)Adventures
2. Laksa fettuccine

If you’re tired of eating pasta with a boring ‘ole tomato sauce or carbonara, try this traditional Italian dish with a twist!

Rich laksa broth meets smooth fettuccine and douses it for a uniquely luscious taste that will appeal to both Western and Eastern palates. Wrap your fork (or chopsticks!) around this cross-cultural and delicious laksa fettuccine.

Image credit: Food for Life TV, SPH Digital

3. Cheesy laksa baked rice

Loaded with oozing golden-brown cheese, this baked rice is made with the creamy soup and milk.

It combines meat and vegetables for a wholesome dish that’s great for using up even leftover laksa soup. It’s time to get cheesy with this laksa baked rice!

Image credit: FOODIE BAKER

4. Laksa cookies

End any meal on a sweet and savoury note with this treat!

The dried prawns (hae bee) is not overpowering, yet cuts through the sweetness for a complex taste that is not too spicy. If you choose to add the desiccated coconut, it’ll immediately transport you to a tropical paradise at home! Bake it till you make it with these laksa cookies.

Pro tip: This recipe produces softer cookies with a slight crunch at the edge. If you prefer fully crunchy cookies, simply bake them for longer!

Image credit: CherieNoms

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