5 Kuih Rayas to Spot When Visiting!

5 Kuih Rayas to Spot When Visiting!

Food makes up a huge part of our identity as Singaporeans and Eid al-Fitr (or Hari Raya Aidilfitri) is a festival that’s no stranger to delicious delicacies. With its own set of significant kuihs, you can use this article as a checklist of must-trys when you join your Muslim friends for visiting!

Kek Lapis

Literally translating to ‘layer cake’, this iconic kuih is layers on layers of goodness! Find it at most of the open houses you attend and in different flavours like lapis durian, lapis chocolate or a unique lapis oreo.

Tapak Kuda

Chocolate filling surrounded by a moist vanilla-flavoured exterior, in the shape of a horse foot! Tapak Kuda is one that you definitely need to keep an eye out for. Nowadays, a modern twist of Nutella is used to replace the healthy portion of chocolate filling, resulting in a savoury sweet indulgence. Snag some quickly – they usually run out first!

Kuih Makmur

Look out for this leaf-printed kuih, often in colours like white, yellow and the occasional green. Butter, ghee and flour are combined to form a crisp outer layer which is later filled with coarsely chopped peanuts and topped with icing sugar! It’s enough to trigger anyone’s sweet tooth.

Kuih Tart

These delectable treats can be found on the dessert table during Chinese New Year and Deepavali as well! Copious pineapple filling is surrounded by a doughy crust that sweetly melts in your mouth. Let’s see if you can stop after just one…

Honey Cornflakes

Notice kids and adults alike passing around little golden baskets? It’s highly likely they’re sharing the crowd favourite Honey Cornflakes! The simplest ingredients of sugar, honey, butter and cornflakes blend together to create an iconic kuih you can’t miss.

Did you manage to find all these yummy kuihs? It shouldn’t be too hard!

Here are bonus tips to keep in mind when you join in the visitings:

  • Wear something modest and comfortable as a form of respect to your host and the culture. You can even try out the traditional baju kurung!
  • Indulge in the food and drink provided by your host! It is their duty to ensure that your belly is filled before leaving.
  • Hari Raya is known as a day of giving so hosts sometimes give out little green packets filled with small numerations of money (like angpows!). Remember to say thank you and open them only when leave!
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