6 steamboat soups for all occasions and personalities

A good soup is the base of every steamboat feast, and your choice of soup can reveal more about your personality than you think!

Even in groups of five and less people, dipping a myriad of ingredients such as sliced meat, seafood and leafy vegetables in a simmering soup at the centre of the table is still a top pastime in Singapore.

From a spicy stew to tangy tomato soup, take this quiz to discover which of these 6 steamboat soups for all occasions and personalities you are. Once you’re done, find all the steamboat ingredients for your soup personality at the nearest FairPrice Xtra store!

1. Which pot would you choose for your steamboat?
A) A split pot
B) A whole pot
C) A chimney pot
D) A pot in a pot

2. What is your favourite carbohydrate to have with a steamboat?
A) Konjac (“konnyaku” or even magic) noodles
B) Ramen
C) White rice
D) Udon

3. How do you like your steamboat soup?
A) On the clearer and lighter side
B) Spicy and peppery
C) Sweet and sour
D) Tantalising and tangy

4. When would you start drinking the steamboat soup?
A) After all the ingredients have infused into the soup
B) In an instant!
C) Throughout the entire meal
D) Only when the main carbohydrate in the meal is finished

5. What would you choose as the main ingredient for your steamboat?
A) Beef
B) Pork
C) Chicken
D) Fish

6. Which vegetable would you choose to include as a secondary ingredient for your steamboat?
A) Chinese (or “napa”) cabbage
B) Spring onion
C) Mixed mushrooms (ie. enoki, oyster, shiitake)
D) Spinach

If you answered mostly….

As: Japanese Sukiyaki, Beauty Collagen Steamboat

You prefer to keep things simple. You soak in and seek to emulate the traits you admire in the people around you, just like seemingly clear soups such as these. Over time, they take on the rich flavours of the added ingredients!

Bs: Spicy Mala Soup, Korean Army Stew

Variety is the spice of life! While you’re not opposed to your usual creature comforts such as staying home and reading a book, you’re also not afraid to try new things. Turn up the heat by
taking on risks and seeking more thrills! There’s nothing better than doing everything in life and living it to the fullest as you always do.

Cs: Thai Tom Yum Soup

Spicy with a tinge of sweetness, just like your personality! You’re a naturally born leader with the chops to command all eyes on you in a room. Your ability to lead with a sense of empathy garners the trust of those around you, enabling you to confidently lead the way.

Ds: Tomato Steamboat

Surprisingly, such refreshing soups with a sharp and tangy note reflect your big heart for adventure! You’re more likely to be social and is someone who enjoys books and pets as much as you do taking a walk in quiet places or the country.

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Did You Know?

Kimchi is a type of "banchan" meaning side dish in Korean. In historical dramas, the number of side dishes given was based on status! Read more about it here.