The Perfect Pairs: Wine & Cheese

Know your cheeses

Fresh: Un-aged, soft and rindless, with a mild, slightly tangy flavour.

Bloomy: Named after the  blooms of white mold on the outside! Rich and creamy with a soft, spreadable texture.

Washed Rind: Identified by a distinct orange rind. Rich and creamy, and can be soft in texture.

Semi-soft: Creamy and fairly mild in flavour. Great for melting and slicing!

Hard: Firm and breaks into crumbles or shards. The flavours vary from nutty and savoury to pungent and salty!

Blue: Made with cultures of the mould Penicillium, giving them blue veins. A sharp and tangy taste.

Get to pairing!
Hard cheese:
Comté Janier
(8 Months)

Comté is a hard cheese with a creamy texture with denser notes of nut and caramel. Pair it with a traditional vintage sparkling champagne like the Taittinger Prélude Grands Crus or a bold red like Château Malbat Bordeaux Merlot.

Fresh Cheese:
Roussas Authentic Greek Feta
(Pickled curd cheese)

Feta is a pickled curd cheese that has a salty and tangy taste enhanced by a brine solution. Pair it with an off-dry wine like the Lieu-dit Berg Riesling or a young, fruity, unoaked Gamay like the Côte du Py Morgon.

Semi-soft Cheese:
Landana Gouda with Truffles
(Traditionally made farmhouse Gouda)

This is a traditionally-made farmhouse Gouda with the addition of Italian truffles spread throughout the curd. Its salty, chewy taste of the pate is accompanied by the persistent, earthy taste of truffles. Pair it with a dry, white wine with a touch of oak like the Domaine Du Tariquet Chardonnay or a Chianti red like the Ruffino Aziano Classico.

If you’re able to identify your favourite cheeses and pair them with wine confidently after reading this article, our job is done! Pair your cheese with the great selection of wines here — if you don’t fancy wine, there’s also beers and spirits available just for you!

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