Do you know your chicken?


Chicken is undeniably a household favourite, starring in a myriad of dishes we’re familiar with. When you shop for your groceries, you’d realise that chickens sold in the market today are not the same. We’re increasingly spoilt for choice with the varieties made available to us! Here’s the lowdown on different types of chickens to look out for:

Black Chicken

Unique not just to the eye, but in benefits too!

Black Chicken earns its place as a superfood by being full of antioxidants called Carnosine. High concentrations of this can be found in the human muscle and brain, and Black Chicken has twice the amount of regular chicken!

Antioxidants fight free radicals in the body and keep you away from sicknesses like the common cold. Studies are being conducted to study the positive effect of Carnosine on speech skills, auditory gains, motor skills and even eyesight.

Antibiotic & Hormones
Black Chicken is essentially regular chicken and are fed with traces of antibiotic in their feed, however, they are safe and not used abusively. AVA custom inspection then verifies that the chickens do not have antibiotic residuals when they arrive on Singapore shores.

Black Chicken
Kampung Chicken
Kampong Chicken

Kampong Chickens are reared a little differently than regular chicken. They are allowed to “run free” in modernised closed house farms, strengthening their legs and bodies and making the meat firmer and nicer to eat!

Antibiotics & Hormones
AVA Singapore does not allow the use of hormones in animals for export of meat to Singapore. Similar to Black Chicken, Kampong Chickens are fed with traces of antibiotic in their feed. AVA custom inspection then verifies that the chickens do not have antibiotic residuals when they arrive on Singapore shores.

Lacto Chicken


Lacto Chicken is your best option, reared without the use of antibiotics and growth hormones! Fed with friendly bacteria Lactobacillus from Singapore’s technology, Lacto Chickens’ immune systems are naturally enhanced and they are raised in temperature-controlled and hygienic environments with ample roaming space, while listening to Mozart!

The result? Chicken meat that’s lower in fat and cholesterol while still packing greater flavour!

What is Lactobacillus?
Lactobacillus, or friendly bacteria, is a natural way of combating harmful bacteria. Using an organic farming process, it is introduced into the diet of chickens reared in a controlled environment under strict supervision of selected and qualified professionals.

Lato Chicken
Star tip on choosing good chicken

Fresh chicken should look plump and rosy. If it’s wrapped in a bag, check the package carefully to make sure there is not too much blood in it and the flesh is not bruised or torn. Make sure the skin is intact as this will flavour and protect the meat during cooking!

Will you be making a switch in your usual chicken purchases?

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