4 superfoods you should add to your breakfast

The concept of superfoods may be a foreign topic to some, but the magic that lies behind them boasts of endless health benefits. Incorporating small amounts of superfoods into a single meal like breakfast, every single day, can make a significant difference in your health over time.

Here are a couple of superfoods you can easily add to your breakfast granola, smoothie or oatmeal!

Raw Cacao Nibs
  • Cacao nibs are the raw, natural and least-processed form of chocolate.
  • Their natural form yields a slightly bitter and nutty flavour, best mixed in your breakfast granola.
  • Cacao nibs are high in antioxidants, just like dark chocolate, and contain many cancer-fighting properties.
  • A fun fact is that cacao is the ingredient that contains the highest amount of antioxidants in the world. It even surpasses other popular healthy food items like acai berries, blueberries or raspberries!
Maqui Berries

Everyone’s heard of raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and even the superfood that is acai berries…but what about maqui berries?

  • Maqui berries are the world’s strongest antioxidant berry, earning an ORAC (oxygen radical absorbing capacity) rating of 820 as compared to 160-300 for acai berries. Blackberries rate a mere 61 on the scale.
  • Maqui berries often come in a powder form in Singapore, and can be easily added into any breakfast smoothie for a nutrition-packed boost, adding a berry flavor to any mix.
Matcha Powder
  • Adding Matcha powder to your smoothie, or even mixing it in a glass of milk to make it a green tea-flavoured milk is as easy as it sounds.
  • This superfood is touted to be one of the most powerful Asian superfoods, due to its high levels of antioxidants and ability to boost memory and concentration.
  • For the health-conscious, Matcha helps with metabolism as well to keep you slim and trim.
Bee Pollen
  • Never look down on these tiny specks of pollen – Bee Pollen is more rich in proteins than any other animal source!
  • Containing more amino acids than beef, eggs or cheese of equal weight, Bee Pollen is great as an energy enhancer, and is known to aid the treatment of allergies by building up immunity.
  • Getting a teaspoon of pollen in your diet today can benefit your immune system significantly, so simply sprinkle it on your cereal, oatmeal or smoothie to get all the benefits!

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