10 tips to longer-lasting groceries!

10 tips to longer-lasting groceries

Creating a grocery list – and sticking to it – is the best way to ensure less food waste and a smaller grocery bill. That said, no matter how hard we try to be frugal, there’s always something in the fridge that ends up moldering or wilting away. Learning ways to extend the lifespan of your perishables help you save time and money. Make your groceries last longer with these tips:

#1 Cling-wrap the crown of bananas

Take a few seconds to wrap cling wrap around the crown of your bananas and it will curb the release of ethylene gas – the gas that makes other fresh produce around it spoil faster.

#2 Wait before you slice and dice

Prepping your produce too far in advance reduces its life. If you do need to meal prep, a little lemon juice will slow down the browning!

10 tips to longer-lasting groceries - Basket of Fruits and Vegetables
#3 Turn your tomatoes

Store unripe tomatoes stem-side down to prevent air from seeping in and expediting ripening. Turn them right side up when you’re ready for them to ripen.

#4 Segregate your produce and meats

The risk of cross-contamination is high when you store your produce and meats together, causing rapid spoilage. Wrap and store your meats toward the bottom of the freezer in case of leakage.

#5 Don’t store milk in the refrigerator door

The cooler temperatures are found at the back of the fridge, perfect for longer-lasting dairy!

#6 Paper bag fresh mushrooms

Store unwashed, whole mushrooms in a brown paper bag with top folded over before sticking it in the main compartment of your refrigerator. The bag absorbs excess moisture from the mushrooms so they don’t get soggy or moldy.

10 tips to longer-lasting groceries - Juice your Fruits into Smoothies
#7 Mix the fresh and frozen

Add a choice of fresh and frozen produce in your cart, using the fresh early in the week and the frozen later. Nutrients in frozen produce are just as healthy as they are picked and stored at peak ripeness!

#8 Make smoothies

Throw tired-looking fruit into a blender and turn it into a healthy, fruity-sweet shake. It’s a delicious way to use otherwise fine fruit that’s nearly past its time.

#9 Snack-size it

Trim your carrots and celery into snackable strips and submerge them in water to keep them nice and crisp!

#10 Airtight grains

Buying grains in bulk is great for saving money, but be sure to store them correctly! Maintain freshness and keep the bugs away by transferring your grains into airtight containers.

Go the extra mile with labelled containers so you know how long you’ve had them stored.

You don’t always have to compromise quality for price when shopping, if you know where to look. Labels like FairPrice Housbrand have quality grocery essentials at wallet-friendly prices for your shopping pleasure. Taking these extra steps help ensure longer-lasting groceries and greater savings!

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