4 habits of highly effective grocery shoppers

What does a post-COVID-19 situation look like for you?

For many of us, one thing’s for sure – we’ll want to keep utilising the best cost-saving tips and cardholder discounts. But healthy shopping habits can also help to boost your savings at FairPrice!

Let’s discover the top 4 habits of highly effective grocery shoppers!

Snack before Spending

When you shop for groceries hungry, everything will look good. You’ll be more likely to reach for the high-calorie foods that can add to an equally high grocery bill. But don’t stuff yourself silly either – whatever you weigh, just have something light to eat and you should be good to go!

Shop midweek and in the morning, or at night

Here’s a tip – go in the morning, or at night, If you hit the supermarket as early as 7am or 8am, you can meet your essential needs without jostling with others for space (be mindful of other shoppers’ space too)! Late night shoppers can also get good deals on clearance items that need to be sold before the day ends!

Learn more about Priority Shopping Hour for our Pioneer Generation shoppers here.

Get the grocery GPS going

If you want to save even more, then you’ll want to plan every trip to the supermarket thoroughly. Reduce time and money spent in the supermarket with a shopping list. Organise your items into sections so you can grab what you need as you work your way through the supermarket and not stay for longer than you need to.

Stick to in-season fresh food

Certain foods will cost less and taste better when they’re in season. For example, while fresh fruits like apples are in season all-year round, others such as strawberries and blueberries fall between March to August and June to August respectively. Keep one eye on your calendar, and another on our ongoing promotions where you can get 20% off seasonal “Must Buy” labelled items & more!

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