5 housebrand picks for a budget-proof buffalo wings party

Buffalo wings in two flavours on a plate with a bowl of creamy sauce and other party snacks on a brown table

Buffalo wings are a great way to spice up any party, even one with five or less people!

Whether you make your own or go with pre-marinated ones like Farmpride Frozen Buffalo Wings, succulent buffalo wings are a hot favourite. It’s the perfect party food, so get hosting with these 4 housebrand picks for a budget-proof buffalo wings party!

1. Choose biodegradable utensils

Disposable utensils are the easiest option for both post-party cleanup and hygiene, but disposable biodegradable utensils are a more eco-friendly option. Check out FairPrice housebrand HomeProud’s range of affordable biodegradable utensils like forks and knives here. They’ll make saving the environment and cleaning up a breeze at your buffalo wings party!

2. Mix it up

Variety is the name of the game! If you’re reheating some Farmpride Frozen Buffalo Wings, serve it alongside less spicy options too. A simple black pepper and salt marinade works well! Check out the full range of housebrand seasonings here.

3. Drink milk

If the spice is starting to get unbearable and numbing tongues all around, don’t drink water — drink milk! Milk is a creamy beverage that contains casein, a fat-loving compound that binds well to the spicy capsaicin oil present in buffalo wings and then washes it away. Even milk-based or creamy condiments like mayonnaise or cream of tartar would be just as effective at this.

With 20% – 38% savings compared to leading brands, you can chug housebrand Full Cream Milk or Low-Fat Milk without the guilt! Both are also on the list of 100 housebrand products with a price freeze extended from 30 June 2020 to 21 December 2020. Shop for them here.

Woman’s hand with a glass of fresh milk at a party against a blue wooden wall
4. Balance spice with salt

When consumed in moderation, party snacks that lean more toward the saltier side can help to balance the spice. Serve up some housebrand snacks such as prawn or fish crackers, as well as potato chips and pretzels. You could even reheat some sausage rolls too!

5. Soothe it with shirataki

Lastly, every party still needs a good salad. Shirataki (or “konnyaku”) noodles in Singapore have recently gained immense popularity. This healthy ingredient is incredibly cooling with almost zero carbohydrates, yet it imparts the most unique texture and flavour to any dish. Toss the freshest housebrand Pasar vegetables of your choice with cooked shirataki noodles and a light dressing. It’s that easy to do!

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