Best spin mops in Singapore and how to choose the best one

As you go about your daily activities, dirt, dust and even grime is bound to build up on your floors. You may also start to see stains, which is why you’ll have to take even more care to clean your floors regularly.

Whether you have tile, wood, marble or vinyl flooring, microfibre spin mops are a great option as they’re gentle on all kinds of surfaces. If you’re unsure of the type of spin mop to get, we’ve got you covered!

In this article, we’ll share the top 3 spin mops in Singapore and what to look out for when shopping for one. We’ve also included amazing first home cleaning bundles and tips so you know how to use these products to complete your household chores quickly and efficiently!

1. How spin mops work

The spinning mechanism of the drying baskets uses a centrifugal force to draw water away from the mop head. Essentially, the faster and longer you spin the mop, the drier the mop head gets.

This means that you can control the amount of water you need in the mop by controlling the speed and duration of the spinning.

2. How to mop your floor like an expert

Now, mopping the floor sounds like a fairly easy task but we’re here to help you become an expert at this household chore with some simple tips!

Tip: Fan out your spin mop

When you’re using your spin mop, you’ll want to make sure that the strings are fanned out in all directions. This will ensure that you achieve maximum efficiency when mopping your floor.

How do you do this? Simply lift the mop and twist it in one swift motion before quickly setting it down on the floor.

Tip: Use a spin mop to clean under appliances and low furniture

Spin mops typically come with a 180° swivel joint so you can adjust your mop to the angle that you require. As such, they’re great for cleaning under appliances and low furniture like your TV console.

All you need to do is to take a dry mop and place it parallel to the floor. Use it to clear out any rubbish or loose items that may have been left under the appliance or furniture before taking a wet mop to clean the area.

3. Benefits of spin mops

Saves water

As you can adjust the dampness of your spin mop, you can avoid using water excessively and creating overly wet puddles on the floor as you mop. This also helps to speed up the drying of your floors.

More efficient

Spin mops are made of microfibre material which is highly absorbent. Thus, you can mop up spills swiftly and efficiently. Additionally, spin mops dry very quickly so you can store your mop away and move on to your next task as soon as possible.

Reduces scouring

Unlike the traditional mops that we use, spin mops lift and trap the dirt instead of dragging it across the floor. Thus, it protects our floors in the long run by reducing scouring.

Improves the user experience

For some of us, we may use a mop pail without a wringer. Thus, we may have to manually rinse and wring the mop each time. This places unnecessary stress on our wrists. With a spin mop, you can now leave the difficult job of rinsing and wringing the mop head to the spinning mechanism.

Expands the range of uses

Did you know that spin mops aren’t just for floors? You can use them for a variety of other household chores too. Check out how you can use your spin mop in 3 different ways with additional tips below!

Tip: How to clean high areas (e.g. walls, doors and windows)

Instead of standing on a stool, you can use your spin mop to dust and clean high places like your walls, cabinet doors and windows, all thanks to its long handle! On top of that, you can also use your spin mop to remove tough stains from walls.

If you prefer homemade cleaning solutions, take some dishwashing liquid and white vinegar/baking soda and mix it with warm water. Apply it to the stain and let the solution rest for approximately 10 minutes before wiping the area down with your damp mop.

If you are strapped for time, you can browse these strong solutions for such specific areas of your home — perfect for everyday maintenance!

Tip: How to clean blinds

As your spin mop is made of microfibre, it can be used to pick up dirt and dust. Hence , your spin mop will come in handy for cleaning your blinds.

Turn your blinds in one direction so it’s easier and more efficient to clean. If you prefer, you can also detach the mop head from the handle and dust your blinds by hand.

Cleaning kitchen blinds: If you have blinds in the kitchen, they may have collected some grease in addition to dust. To get rid of the grease, mix vinegar and water in a 1:1 ratio and dip your mop head in the solution. The vinegar will help to remove any grease so your blinds can look as good as new!

4. Choosing the best spin mop

According to Cheryl, head cleaning expert from Home Cleanz, there are five main factors that you should consider when choosing the best spin mop – the mop head, spinning mechanism, mop bucket design, mop handle and splash guard.

Mop head

Depending on your cleaning use, you may need a mop with a smaller head for tight and narrow areas. Additionally, some mop heads may come in different shapes such as a triangle. Therefore, you’ll want to pay attention to the mop head size and shape to get one that’s suitable for you!

Spinning mechanism

The two most common spinning mechanisms are handle pumps or foot pedals. While it depends entirely on your preference, you should note that the hardware of foot pedals can be slightly flimsy at times.

Mop bucket design

Two key features of the mop bucket design that you’ll want to take into account include the presence of wheels and a pour spout. Having wheels on the mop bucket is great as you can move it around more easily, especially if you’re planning to clean various areas of the house. You won’t have to worry about straining your back as you can simply roll the bucket around! A pour spout will then make it easier to dispose of dirty water without spilling water all over the clean floor.

Mop handle

For quicker cleaning, you’ll want to choose a mop with a longer handle. Some mops also offer the option of an extendable handle, which is great for cleaning high and difficult to reach areas! Furthermore, you’ll want to look for spin mops with a comfortable, non-slip grip and sturdy handle. This will be great, especially if you plan to clean your house frequently.

Splash guard

When shopping for a spin mop, consider choosing one with a splash guard. This will prevent any dirty water from splashing onto your clean floor!

Cleaning your new home quickly and efficiently

A clean home is the key to a happy and healthy family! With a spin mop, you can now clean your floors and other areas of your home quickly and effectively without much hassle.

Please note: The efficacy of the tips provided may vary depending on skill, quality of tools used and build of machines involved (if any).

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