17 practical housewarming gifts in Singapore that’ll never be re-gifted

Just got invited to a housewarming party and clueless about what to get? Instead of gifting cheap wine that no one really likes, why not consider some practical gifts that any homeowner would need?

Some useful gift ideas include home appliances and cleaning supplies. Getting practical gifts is environmentally friendly, since you’re fulfilling the receiver’s actual needs and they’re likely to use your gift continually till the end of the product life cycle.

To help you, we’ve grouped the following items into themes that you can refer to create your own gift sets! We have both budget-friendly options that are great if you’re attending the party as an individual as well as bigger ticket items that are suitable if you’re gifting as a group. Check them out below!

Note: For each item, we’ve included some of our recommended products. Some of them also come in home cleaning bundles so you can explore other gift set ideas too!

Kitchen essentials

Hosting and cleaning up after a party is never easy. Thus, we’ve listed three kitchen essentials that any homeowner will need for these tasks.

1. Dinnerware

Budget: $5 – $20

Is the receiver a social butterfly who enjoys hosting parties and gatherings? You can show them that you appreciate their hospitality by gifting them with some gorgeous dinnerware.

Table Matters Sakura Ebony Bowl

The Sakura Ebony bowl elevates the overall dining experience with its aesthetic touch. It’s safe for use in the microwave, oven and dishwasher.

Table Matters Starry Blue Dinner Plate

The Starry Blue dinner plate adds to the kitchen dining aesthetic with its elegant use of geometric shapes and bright blue patterns.

2. Food containers

Budget: $10 – $15

After the housewarming party, your friend may be left with some extra food.

Instead of storing them in plastic containers, offer your friend a convenient and eco-friendly storage method with these reusable food containers!

Vesta Food Keeper Container

The plastic food keeper container has plastic snap-on covers in trendy colours. Airtight and break-resistant, it’s suitable for home and professional food storage needs.

HOUZE Food Containers

This set includes:

– Small airtight food container 450ml
– Medium airtight food container 650ml
– Large airtight food container 1000ml

3. Dishwashing liquid

Budget: $5 – $10

The most dreaded chore after every party or gathering is often dishwashing. You can let your friend know that you care with this gift that’ll help them get this chore done efficiently. Better yet, help them with the dishes too!

Glo Dishwashing Liquid

Glo dishwashing liquid can help to get rid of greasy stains quickly and effectively. Its degreasing formula has also been tested by dermatologists.

Mama Lemon Dishwashing Liquid

Mama Lemon dishwashing liquid uses an advanced formula that supports degreasing. Despite its strong formula, it’s made of natural ingredients and gentle on the hands.

Toilet essentials

If you’re unsure of what your friend would like as a housewarming gift, a great solution would be to get practical items. Check out these toilet essentials that every new homeowner would definitely need!

4. Air freshener

Budget: $5 – $10

Air fresheners are a great starter gift that helps to fill the home with a fresh and inviting scent. In fact, certain scents such as lavender can help to lift the mood and improve emotional well-being.

Renuzit Gel Air Freshener

This eco-friendly air freshener is made from a biodegradable gel and 98% of its ingredients are sourced naturally.

Ambi Pur Bathroom Fresh Freshener

This bathroom freshener helps to prevent malodour from clinging on to surfaces such as toilet covers, towels and shower curtains.

5. Toilet cleaner

Budget: $5 – $10

Cleaning the toilet is a step not to be missed during weekly house cleaning and even more so after a housewarming party. Why not help your friend out by getting them the best toilet cleaners to get the job done?

Bref Power Active Toilet Cleaner & Freshener

Bref Power Active Toilet Cleaner & Freshener protects the toilet from dirt and stains and leaves a fresh, long-lasting scent.

Magiclean Dual Power Toilet Cleaner

Magiclean Dual Power Toilet Cleaner creates a protective shield that prevents stains from building up in the toilet bowl.

6. Bath towels

Budget: $20 – $40

Bath towels are an essential household item for any new homeowner.

Give your friend the best with some soft bamboo towels that are gentle on the skin and highly absorbent!

Bebe Bamboo Large Bamboo Bath Towel

The Bebe Bamboo bath towel is biodegradable and made of bamboo. It’s highly absorbent and gentle on the skin too.

Makko Bamboo Fiber Bath Towel

Wrap yourself in a material that feels beautifully soft, smooth and pleasant to the touch. Perfect for sensitive skin!

Personal care essentials 

Tell your friend that you care for their personal well-being with these lovely items that we’ve put together!

7. Hand soap

Budget: $5 – $15

Washing your hands frequently helps to get rid of germs. Hence, this practical gift will go a long way in keeping your friend and their guests safe.

Note: As some hand soaps may leave the skin feeling dry, you might want to consider one with a gentle and moisturising formula.

Safeguard Liquid Hand Soap

Safeguard liquid hand soap kills 99.9% of germs and provides a maximum of 12 hours of protection with every wash.

Dettol Liquid Hand Wash

Dettol liquid hand wash gets rid of 99.9% of bacteria and germs. It uses a soap-free formula made of natural ingredients.

8. Tissue

Budget: $5 – $15

Though tissue and toilet rolls aren’t a common housewarming gift in Singapore, they actually hold a deep and significant meaning in Korean culture.

Similar to how a toilet roll or kitchen towel unravels continuously, gifting either of these signifies your wishes for the recipient to enjoy long-lasting wealth and prosperity.

If your friend is crazy about Korean culture, you can consider giving them this meaningful item that they’re sure to appreciate!

Kleenex Ultra Soft Toilet Tissue Rolls

Kleenex toilet tissue rolls are made fully from virgin fibre and contain cotton and charcoal extract.

PurSoft Kitchen Towel Roll

PurSoft kitchen towel is highly water and oil absorbent. Its unique embossing pattern allows for greater absorption.

9. Scented candle

Budget: $5 – $50

Scented candles are one of those gifts that won’t go wrong. They’re a safe choice if you don’t know the host well and a great choice if the person loves candles. What’s even better is if you know the exact type of scent that they’ll like!

Felce Azzurra Orange and Cinnamon scented candle

The refined and performing scents in this candle guarantee 30 hours of intense perfume, giving a touch of strong personality to your environment!

Nomi Japan Tropical Scented Aroma Candle

Made using lead-free cotton wicks and premium, soft, highly-refined perfume-grade fragrance oils to bring you a clean burn and long-lasting hours of aromatic bliss.

10. Hair dryer

Budget: $35 – $90

After a long day of hosting guests and cleaning up the house, your friend would probably be exhausted. Instead of letting their hair dry naturally, which can be damaging and takes time, help them to rest earlier by giving them a powerful hair dryer!

PowerPac Hair Dryer

This PowerPac hair dryer is a quiet device that encourages gentle drying. It’s also equipped with a cool air function to meet your heating preferences.

Cornell Hair Dryer

The Cornell Hair Dryer boasts ionic function with a convenient hang up hook, as well as a twistable handle with diffuser! It also has 2-speed and 3-speed heating for you to select from.

11. Air purifier

Budget: $200 – $500

This is one of those things that your friend may not need but really want. You can fulfil their wishlist by getting it on their behalf, especially if they’re hesitant to spend the money themselves.

Airfree Air Purifier P40

The P40 air purifier is great for individuals suffering from allergies and asthma. Additionally, its small and slim design makes it extremely portable.

Airfree Air Purifier Tulip Babyair

The Tulip Babyair is able to get rid of bacteria and viruses as well as a variety of allergens such as dust mites and pollen. It’s also equipped with a night light to project stars.

Kitchen appliances

If you’re heading to a housewarming party as a group, check out these kitchen appliances that’ll definitely spruce up your friend’s kitchen!

12. Coffee machine

Budget: $30 – $210

If your friend needs caffeine to get through the day, a sleek coffee machine would be perfect as a gift!

PowerPac Coffee Maker & Washable Filter

The PowerPac coffee machine can serve up to four cups of coffee and can be used for both coffee and tea. It also comes with a washable filter for easy cleaning.

Cornell Coffee Maker Drip Style

The Cornell coffee maker comes in a sleek, compact design that’s perfect for small kitchens and can make up to five cups of coffee per brew.

13. Blender

Budget: $30 – $60

If you’ve got a friend who’s just started on their journey towards a healthier life, a blender would make an ideal present.

Encourage them to start their day with some healthy fruit or vegetable juice with this practical gift!

PowerPac 21 Piece Bullet Blender

This PowerPac blender is suitable for a variety of functions including juicing, blending, chopping and mincing. It comes with:

– Blender mugs
– Juice extractor
– Meat mincer

Bear Personal Juice Blender

This personal juice blender is perfect for single consumption and comes with:

– Tritan bottle 400ml
– Tritan straw
– 600ml cup
– 2 types of covers

14. Rice cooker

Budget: $30 – $90

Rice is a staple when it comes to Asian cooking. If you know that your friend needs rice for their every meal, nothing says practicality more than a rice cooker!

Note: Do make sure to get a rice cooker that’s suitable for the size of your friend’s family. There are sizes ranging from 0.6L to a massive 3.6L. For a gauge, 0.6L is sufficient for two pax and 1L is ideal for four pax.

PowerPac Rice Cooker with Steamer

This PowerPac rice cooker comes with a food steamer so you can kill two birds with one stone! It also includes a rice paddle and measuring cup for a complete cooking solution.

SONA Digital Rice Cooker

This SONA rice cooker offers seven different selections on its cooking menu. It also comes in a sleek and modern design that complements any kitchen aesthetic.

Floor cleaning essentials 

Cleaning the house after a long day at work can be a tiring and dreadful chore. Make cleaning a simple and efficient task for your friend with these floor cleaning tools!

15. Wiper mop

Budget: $9 – $20

Instead of having to worry about dust flying all over the house while sweeping, get your friend a handy wiper mop so that they can get their daily chores done swiftly and effectively.

Magiclean Wiper Mop

The Magiclean wiper mop is a fuss-free cleaning tool that clears up hair and dust in one swipe. It also has a 360-degree head for easier cleaning.

Magiclean Wiper Wet Sheet

Use the Magiclean wiper wet sheet to get rid of spills, oil stains and odours quickly and effectively. It’s able to kill 99% of bacteria, leaving you with a clean and shiny floor.

16. Spin mop

Budget: $30 – $90

Mops are an essential cleaning tool for every home. If your friend is worried about leaving scratches on his/her new and shiny floor, a spin mop will be perfect for cleaning all types of surfaces!

3M Scotch-Brite Single Spin Mop Bucket Set

The Scotch-Brite Single Spin Mop Bucket Set allows you to wring the mop, as well as clean the bucket easily to prevent dust and germs from accumulating.

HOUZE Tornado Spinning Mop

The Houze Tornado Spinning Mop is equipped with a quality stainless steel drying basket. It also has an extendable mop stick so you can clean hard to reach areas easily.

17. Vacuum cleaner

Budget: $40 – $130

A vacuum cleaner is a must-have cleaning appliance in any home. However, your friend may be having a hard time deciding on one due to the array of choices.

Why not do the research on their behalf and get them a good one?

PowerPac Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The PowerPac Handheld Vacuum Cleaner allows for dual usage and can be used to clean a wide variety of furniture including carpets and sofas.

PowerPac Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The PowerPac Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner has a massive 12L dust capacity. Despite its size, it has a low noise level for quiet cleaning.

Best housewarming gifts for your friends

The ideal housewarming gift will depend on the preferences of the host. Thus, knowing what they’ll need and appreciate as they move into their new home will help you greatly in getting the perfect gift!

Shop for all the best deals on household essentials you know your friends will need or want here! Perfect for making any house feel like a home instantly.

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