Tale of two trolleys: Save more with FairPrice Housebrand

Once upon a time, supermarket housebrand products were deemed to be incomparable to other brands in terms of quality due to their lower price.

Well, times have changed! FairPrice and the various sub-brands under our Housebrand umbrella provide the same high-quality essential items at greater value than other private labels. But is it truly as economical as it’s made out to be?

When it comes to verifying the truth, nothing beats an experiment. For many Singaporeans, multi-generational families live under one roof. So we’ve put together two trolleys of essential items for both children and aging parent(s) alike — one from FairPrice Housebrand, and the other from private labels of comparable quality.

Ready to start shopping? Let’s go! 

Trolley A

Trolley B
(Private Labels)

FairPrice Nonya Kaya, 250g


Nonya Kaya (No Sugar Added) , 250g


Rolled Oats, 1 kg


Whole Rolled Oats, 800g


Chicken Nuggets, 850g


Crispy Chicken Nuggets, 850g


Junior Formula S4, 900g


Children’s Milk Formula Stage 4, 900g


Antiseptic Germicide, 750ml


Antiseptic Disinfectant Liquid, 750ml


Adult Diaper Pants L 105


Pants Normal Large 105


Mixed Nuts, 150g


Mixed Snacks, 150g


Full Cream Milk, 1 litre


Pure UHT Milk, 1 litre


3-Ply DeluxSoft Bathroom Tissue


3-Ply Bathroom Tissue Roll Unscented


Swif Dishwashing Paste Lemon, 400g


Dishwashing Paste Lemon, 350g


Time to check out!

Now, here comes the moment of truth as we tally the total for each cart.

Trolley A (FairPrice Housebrand) – Total: $64.10
Trolley B (Comparable brands) – Total: $92.66

You save over 30% ($28.56) when you choose essential items from FairPrice Housebrand over those from private labels!

In reality when you are shopping, you are probably oblivious to the difference of $1 to $2 for an individual item. But it all adds up. And, the uncertainty of our times calls for us to be more mindful of our spending. Time to stretch our dollar further if we can, don’t you agree?

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Did You Know?

Toilet and kitchen towel rolls are popular housewarming gifts in South Korea because they represent continuous prosperity and wealth!