How to get your kids to eat more vegetables

Vegetables are some of the last things on your children’s minds when delectable desserts, colourful candies and snacks surround them. Kids can be reluctant to try new foods, but it shouldn’t stop you from easing them into it. Here are four simple ways to introduce veggies into their diet!

Create Visually-Appealing Meals

We all eat with our eyes, and kids are no different! Visually appealing and fun plates of food work as a good distraction from the thought of eating veggies. Try creating cute faces out of food, such as carrot circles as eyes, or broccoli florets as messy hair. The kids can take part too! Even creating simple patterns around the plate would add a little pop of fun to the ordinary meal.

Sneaking Veggies Into Their Food

If the very sight of greens makes your kids turn away, sneak them into the foods that they are already familiar with! Try blending some baby carrots into their breakfast smoothies, or mixing vegetable puree into the batter of their favourite muffins. They won’t even taste the difference! If you reveal the green ingredients to them, they might even come to realise that vegetables don’t taste that bad after all.

Replacing Snacks with Veggie Alternatives

Giving kids the freedom of choice for snacktime usually means potato chips, French fries and other unhealthy, processed snacks. So why not take what they already like and turn them into healthy alternatives that are equally yummy? Bake zucchini slices into chips, or serve up colourful slices of raw or lightly steamed carrot or bell pepper with a side hummus dip for a nutritious snack.

Eat Vegetables With Them

Young kids are intuitively wired to mimic behaviours of grown-ups. So show your kids how vegetables can be by an equally delicious addition to their diet, by eating it with them! A little tip – if your kids have friends who enjoy eating veggies too, invite them over for dinner to show your kids that vegetables aren’t their enemies!

We hope that this has given you some tips to get your little ones to eat more of their veggies. Browse a wide range of deals on delicious, yet nutritious foods and more essentials for your growing family here!

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