4 simple steps to boost your child’s immunity

Is your child constantly catching a cold?  Does your child have runny nose regularly? Or does your child suffer from stomach upset a little too often? Here are some steps you can take to strengthen your child’s immune system.

Step 1: Start them on a good diet

It is possible that if your kid’s health might take a hit if their diet includes food additives, preservatives and a significant amount of sugar. Limit their intake of sugar and these additives. Increase the serving of nutrients from food ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, nuts and meat and you will see a healthier, happier child in no time.

Step 2: Keep calm and carry on

Your child’s body has the same reaction to stress as adults do: their cortisol and adrenaline rises, which lowers their immune systems’ response. It is natural for a child to be active most of the time, running and jumping around as they seek to discover the world around them. Ensure that they have ample rest time and sleep, or it might lead to an increase in their stress levels, resulting in a compromised immune system.

Step 3: Probiotics

Our guts contain good bacteria which support the proper functioning of the immune system. To maintain a balance of good bacteria profile in your child’s gut, simply introduce fruits, legumes and whole grains – such as bananas, berries, asparagus and spinach – into their diet. These food items are good sources of prebiotics, which facilitates the growth of good bacteria.

Step 4: Providing supplements

Examples of supplements that you can use to build up your little one’s immune system include Vitamin D and Zinc. You can also introduce salmon and yogurt into their diet to give them a good dose of Vitamin D. For Zinc, you can turn to meat products such as steak and pork, or a snack of roasted almonds.

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