Turning snacks into teaching aid

Most mothers find snacks to be their worst enemy when it comes to their children’s eating habits. One way of dealing with snacks is to limit them or compromise with healthier options, but here is another more unusual approach: turn snacks into your ally!

Studies have shown that innovative and fun ways to teach children helps them understand concepts better. Eating snacks becomes a motivation for your child to solve problems. That is killing two birds with one stone!

The first and easiest things you can teach with snacks are letters and numbers. To do so you can either use alphabet crackers or cracker sticks to form letters and numbers.

Next are fractions. Use cereal bars, Oreos or animal biscuits and turn fractions into a fun activity for your kids. Here is how it works.

Take out 12 biscuits, out of which there are three biscuits each for four different designs. Based on the picture above:

– 3 out of the 12 animals are cats = 3/12 = ¼
– 6 out of the 12 animal biscuits are standing = 6/12= ½
– 9 out of the 12 biscuits cannot swim = 9/12 = ¾

Similarly, you can use cereal bars to teach simple fractions. Divide the bar in two to show that 1 separate part is 1/2 of a whole cereal bar, and move on to more complex divisions by splitting ½ the bar in 3 to show that 1/3 of ½ a cereal bar is 1/6 of the entire cereal bar.

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