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Glad Aluminum Foil - Heavy Duty (37.5 square feet)
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Key Information

  • • 33% thicker for superior protection
  • • Helps retain moisture
  • • Dimension: 7.74m x 45cm

Country/place of Origin

Hong Kong


  • To use:
  • 1. Both sides of foil can be used
  • 2. Prevent cakes and roasts from burning
  • 3. If the food if cooking too quick, cover with foil and continue cooking
  • 4. Wrap left overs in foil which can be quickly reheated in oven
  • 5. Once meat is cooked, cover with foil to keep it warm and retain moisture
  • 6. Allow acidic food or those high in salt (e.g vinegar, lemon juice, tomato paste) to cool prior to covering with foil
  • 7. Salt and acid can attack foil causing discoloration and holes
  • 8. Not recommended to cover stainless steel dishes with foil