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TOHEI Japan's Delicious Frozen Fish Nuggets
TOHEI Japan's Delicious Frozen Fish Nuggets

Key Information

Awarded grand prize in 2016's National Processed Seafoods Contest in Japan. THE REVOLUTION OF FISH COOKING. These delicious fish nuggets contain Mr SABAO: minced fresh mackerel surimi (unloaded at Ito Port and processed at Ito port and processed at Ito Fishert Cooperative). Preparation is so simple. You can use it for preparation of lunch box,and side dish of breakfast.

Country of Origin



Avoid direct sunlight, heat and humidity, store in a cool dark place.


Minced Fish (Mackerel from Shizuoka), Walleye Pollack, Sugar, Vegetables {Onion, Cabbage}, Granular Soybean Protein, Powdered Soybean Protein, Vegetable Fat, Sugar, Starch, Salt, Miso, Soy Sauce, Spice, Bonito Extract Seasoning, Yeast Extract, Fermented Seasoning; Coating (Wheat Flour, Corn Flour, Starch, Salt); Frying Oil (Soybean Oil); Processed Starch, Swelling Agent, Colourant (Gardenia Dye).