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Air Wick 4 in 1 Aerosol Spray - Peach & Jasmine
300ml|Brand:Air Wick
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Key Information

  • Air Wick 4 in 1 Peach & Jasmine Aerosol has a unique formula that neturalises unpleasant odours and fragrances the air with the aromatic scent of peach and jasmine. It acts in seconds and also can lasts up to 1 hour. Always shake well before use. Hold can upright and spray away from face and body. Embrace the fresh ocean breeze thanks to our Peach & Jasmine Aerosol from Air Wick. Create an instant, long-lasting fragrance for guests, or use it on a daily basis to eliminate odours and refresh your home. Key features & benefits:
  • • Premium fragrance - Air Wick 4 in 1 Aerosol is long-lasting and effective without compromising on fragrance, delivering a fresh, complex and uplifting scent to your home.
  • • Eliminate odours - Air Wick 4 in 1 Aerosol is proven to be as long-lasting and effective at eliminating even strong odours as previous Air Wick aerosols.
  • • Choose the perfect fragrance - Air Wick offers a variety of fragrances including: Lavender Fiels, Rose Bouquet, Sparkling Citrus, Aqua Marine and Peach & Jasmine.

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