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Barilla Pasta Sauce - Pesto Calabrese
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Key Information

Give your dishes a touch of imagination with Barilla pesto calabrese; a harmonious combination to create a delicious and colourful sauce with a lively touch of spice that is extremely versatile. You can simply stir through piping hot pasta (away from the heat) to create a delicious meal in minutes. Alternatively, use your imagination, and try Barilla's pesto as a dip for an authentic Italian appetizer or as a spread for pizza base, bruschetta or marinated bbq meat. Prepared like home-made Italian recipe, containing all natural ingredients such as red and chili peppers and real Italian cheese (Pecorino Romano and Grana Padano cheese) without preservatives as well as being gluten free; also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. A trusted name, being No.1 in Italy with over 140 years of craftsmanship, making high quality pasta that cooks perfectly every time.

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Dietary informationGluten-Free
Dietary informationTrans-Fat Free


  • • Direction:
  • 1. Cook in a pan your vegetables, meat or fish with a bit of olive oil
  • 2. Cook separately in a pot your Barilla pasta respecting the cooking instructions
  • 3. Drain well and finish cooking in the pan
  • 4. Remove the pan from the heat and add the pesto genovese
  • 5. Mix well, ensuring all pasta has been coated evenly
  • 6. Your Italian meal is ready to be serve
  • • Chef Tip:
  • Always stir the Pesto through your pasta away from direct heat
  • • Chef Suggestion:
  • 1. Try Barilla Pesto Calabrese with Barilla Tagliatelle with Eggs pasta
  • 2. For more recipe inspiration:'


Store in dry place


Peppers (37.1%), Sunflower Seed Oil (22.9%), Ricotta Cheese (14%), Glucose Syrup, Onions (4%), Tomato Concentrate, Salt, Extra Virgin Oil (2%), Natural Flavourins, Pecorino Romano Cheese Pdo, Grana Padano Cheese Pdo, Rice Startch, Sugar, Acidity Regulator

Nutrition Info

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    Per Serving (100g)
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  • Total Fat
  • Saturated Fat
  • Carbohydrate
  • Sugars
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  • Protein
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Additional Information

No. 1 in Italy with over 140 years of craftsmanship, making high quality pasta that cooks perfectly every time. For more recipe inspiration:&nbsp;<a href="">;.