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Baygon Liquid Electric Repeller
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Key Information

  • Has an unique vaporizing system which protects your family against mosquitoes for 30 nights. It ensures the same level of protection from the moment you turn it on until it is turned off.
  • • Highly effective: Contains an advanced formula that is evenly released into the air, repelling mosquitoes in the room as well as those that try to enter
  • • Convenient: Simple to use – Screw on the liquid refill bottle into the heater and plug it in
  • • Odourless
  • • Economical: Each bottle provides you with 30 nights of protection (approx. 8 hours per night). Its effectiveness does not deteriorate over time
  • • Ideal: Approved for all-night domestic use around children, household pets and plants in any rooms
  • • Quiet: No zapping sound

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  • Warning:
  • • Harmful or fatal if swallowed
  • • Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and clothing
  • • Do not store near food, household utensils or clothing
  • • Use in well-ventilated area
  • • Do not touch the refill while the heather is plugged in
  • • Do not touch the heater with metal instruments or wet hands
  • • Do not introduce any objects in the heater nor cover it while in use
  • • Wash the hands with water and soap after touching the refill
  • • Do not use near aquariums
  • Note: Use more than 1 device if the room is more than 10m²


  • • Store in the closed, original container in a cool dry place out of children's reach and away from food
  • • Do not store in direct sunlight
  • • Keep refill in upright position at all times


Prallethrin (1.6%), Inert (98.4%)