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Beringer Founders' Estate Red Wine - Cabernet Sauvignon
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Key Information

  • • A well balanced, irresistible red wine
  • • Perfect for meat eaters
  • • Great for anyone who wants to satisfy their inner wine cravings

Country/place of Origin



  • • Best served at room temperature (15°C-18°C)
  • • Once opened consume within 3 days


  • • Best stored at a constant 12°C-16°C
  • • Avoid temperature extremes and fluctuations

Additional Information

Probably the most famous red wine grape variety on Earth, the Cabernet Sauvignon offers the distinctive taste and richness of the coastal vineyards of Paso Robles, Monterey, Lodi, San Joaquin and Sacramento. Its rich, dark red fruit characteristics is ideal for anyone looking for a wine that’s well balanced and simply irresistible. Enriched by toasted oak and spice for a delicate balance of fruit and acidity, this wine goes perfectly well with a wide variety of food. It is also part of the Beringer Founders' Estate line of wines that offer concentrated expressions of the most popular varietals, steeped in quality that comes from Beringer's history of crafting great wines from all over California for over 130 vintages.