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Bio-X 3 in 1 Aerosol Insecticide Spray - Lemon
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Key Information

A safe and effective formulation that eliminates insects such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, houseflies, bed bugs, flea, ticks, carpet mites and etc. It has deodorizing properties and helps to disinfect.

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  • • Directions For Use:
  • 1. Shake well before use
  • 2. Spray on insect directly
  • 3. Repeat treatment at monthly interval
  • • Notes:
  • 1. For air space treatment, spray Bio-X in an upward direction to access holes or areas behind shelf
  • 2. For long lasting residual effect, spray on surface of walls, carpets, curtains, cushions, mattress, etc and insect hiding areas
  • • Practical Treatment:
  • 1. If inhaled, move victim to fresh air area
  • 2. If in eyes, flush with running water
  • 3. Seek medical attention if irritation persists
  • 4. If swallowed, drink plenty of water and get medical attention for symptomatic treatment if necessary
  • 5. Dispose empty bottle properly


  • • Store in cool and dry place
  • • Do not store product near heat or open flame
  • • Keep out of reach of children


Etofenprox 1.25% (W/W) Inert Ingredient 98.75%