Bobebi Swimming Goggle

1 per pack



    How to fit googles:
    The suction test:
    1. Press goggles to eyes to achieve a slight suction effect
    2. If the goggles stick to the face momentarily, it indicates that this is a good fit
    Adjusting the nose piece:
    1. Proper adjustment of the nose piece is essential for both comfort and a watertight seal
    2. To avoid water intake, slide the lenses closer together or further apart at one notch at a time, until the fit is perfect
    1. Wash gently in clear cold water after each use
    2. Do not wipe or rub the inside lens of goggles
    1. Use care in adjusting and removing all swimming goggle especially when wet
    2. Do not use goggles if irritation occurs and discontinue immediately if irritation arises
    3. Do not dive into water wearing goggles without proper instructions
    4. Do not swim underwater reaching below 2 metres
    5. Do not pull away the goggles away from face as they can spring back and hurt the eyes
    6. To remove goggles safely, take hold of the eye piece and lift them gently up onto the forehead and push them over the top of the head

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