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Indonesia Bulan Fresh Pork  - Hind Lean
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Indonesia Bulan Fresh Pork - Hind Lean

Key Information

  • • Pork hind lean is lean and flavorful and perfect for braised pork and stir-fry to make sweet & sour pork
  • • Pork hind is primal cut is from the hind legs it is easy to carve and not overly fatty
  • • Please note that the earliest delivery date will be "+2" days from the order date

Country of Origin



Chilled 0℃ to 4℃

Additional Information

Bulan island has the largest pig farm in South East Asia with a standing population of 250,000 pigs. It’s the only farm that is approved by AVA to export live pigs to Singapore for the past 17 years. Singapore imports around 1,100 pigs daily from Bulan island with estimated weight about 90kg each.