MamyPoko Air Fit Boy Pants - L (9 - 14kg)

44 per pack
$21.45 $25.95
Till18th August 2019

    • Air fit gathers gently close gaps around thighs to prevent leakages
    • With softest to skin air silky material that gently fit following the baby’s movements
    • Super absorbent and provides superior air flow for dry comfort
    • With cotton-like breathable dry covers to prevent stuffiness
    • Colour changing wetness indicator from yellow to green when it is full




    How To Put On:
    1. After identifying which is the front and back (roll up tape is to be at the back) put MamyPoko Pants on your baby as if putting on a pair of ordinary underwear
    2. Holding your baby steady, stretch the pants to make enough room for baby's legs to go through the leg holes one leg at a time
    3. Pull up the pants to around your child's belly button to ensure that there are no gaps around the legs area
    To Remove:
    1. For easy removal of a poopy diaper without getting your hands dirty, tear off the side seams on both sides
    2. Roll up the diaper towards the waistband, undo the roll-up tape and tape the diaper shut


    Top Sheet: Non Woven Polyolefin, Polyster
    Absorbent Pad: Pulp, Polymer, Non Woven Polyolefin
    Back Sheet: Film Polyolefin
    Tape: Polyolefin
    Elastic: Polyurethane, Non Woven Polyolefin, Polyester, Film Styrene Elastomer
    Construction: Styrene Elastomer Synthetic Resin

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