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Pearlie White Hand Sanitizer
Pearlie White Hand Sanitizer
500 ML|Brand:Pearlie White

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Till 1st Apr 2021

Key Information

The PW Hand Sanitizer 500ml is a moisturizing anti-bacterial hand sanitizer that is effective against germs and bacteria while being gentle on the hands and skin. Everyone comes into contact with countless strains of germs and bacteria every day. Harmful infections can enter our bodies when we touch our nose, mouth, eyes or open wounds with contaminated hands to make us unwell. With PW Hand Sanitizer, you will be protected against such threats. Made with 62% w/w Alcohol, this product is laboratory tested and found to be effective in eliminating 99.99% of many common harmful germs and bacteria. Enriched with moisturizers, it is a non-sticky gel that is gentle on hands, even with frequent use. This rinse free alcohol based hand sanitizer now comes in a 500ml bottle. With a small footprint, it fits easily on any counter and areas with high traffic. Complete with dispenser, its simple pump action allows easy control of the amount dispensed. ABOUT PW Hand Sanitizer by Pearlie White 62% w/w Alcohol formula eliminates 99.99% of many common harmful germs and bacteria Non-sticky gel with added moisturizers that soften and hydrate skin Small bottle footprint Fresh appealing fragrance Made in Korea

Country of Origin

South Korea


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