Plus Correction Tape with Refill

1 + 1 per pack

    • Refillable
    • Smooth and accurate
    • With two-way function (rotatable)
    • Easy to refill
    • With newly designed cap that can be opened or closed by one-touch-with-one finger operation
    • Flexible roller head that applies the white tape smoothly and firmly onto the paper that can be angled accordingly for specific corrections
    • Pull for whole sentences and push for single letter




    How to use:
    Pull to the right for correcting whole sentences:
    1. Hold corrector with logo facing you
    2. Position the corrector's tip on the place intended for correction
    3. Drag slowly to the right, in a firm and careful manner, without lifting from paper
    Pull to the left for single letters:
    1. Turn the corrector in hand so the other side (white, without print) is facing towards you
    2. Push to the left over the chosen letters/ text and keep the corrector firmly while rolling over the paper
    1. Before use, retract the cap from the tip until it is fastened securely onto the knob
    2. When reach the end part which requires correction, stop sliding and lift the correction tape straight up
    3. Use the point of a pen-tip to tighten the tape when necessary
    How to refill:
    1. Hold the corrector as shown and squeeze on part A (located at under-right side) and pull apart to open
    2. Pull it fully apart as shown
    3. Take out used cartridge and replace with refill
    4. Close the casing by "clicking" into place


    • Do not open except when refilling
    • Depending on the writing instrument being used, rewritten parts on the tape may occasionally be slightly feint
    • Pens with sharp nibs may scratch the white tape
    • If white tape sticks to hands or clothes, wash off with water
    • One cartridge is designed to be durable enough to be refilled up to 10 times
    • Do not store or leave beside open fire or in strong direct sunlight
    • Keep out of reach of infants
    • Put cap on the corrector's tip after use

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