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Wacaco Pipamoka Portable Filter Coffee Maker
Wacaco Pipamoka Portable Filter Coffee Maker
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Key Information

Pipamoka is an all-in-one portable filter coffee maker that allows you to brew and drink from a single device. Pipamoka's patented construction generates negative vacuum pressure within the brew chamber, drawing water through coffee grounds with strong suction force. Coffee is brewed in about 2 minutes. Pipamoka uses a micro-filter mesh that removes the need of using filter paper, thus reducing waste. The insulated thermal flask attached is able to keep your beverage hot for a minimum of 3 hours. Remark: Pipamoka does not heat up water.

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Fill the coffee basket with medium-coarse ground coffee. With the brewing chamber in place within the thermal flask, fill up the chamber with hot water. Drop the filled coffee basket into the chamber and wait until the basket reaches the bottom. Twist the orange brew control ring in a clockwise manner to slower raise the brew chamber. The brew chamber will be reach the top position in 1.5-2mins. Thereafter the coffee is brewed and ready to be enjoyed.


Store in a cool dry place