5 snack personalities and how to please them at a house party

Parties may look a little different this year, but intimate ones at home will have to do for now. And at any home party, it’s usually snacks galore!

Your guests are what they snack — from fresh and crispy potato chips to nuggets and pizzas, the snack(s) they choose will speak volumes about their personality. If you’re hosting a small countdown party at home, don’t need to crack your head over what snacks to serve to please them — continue reading on for our ultimate guide for at least 5 snack personalities you will meet at a house party!

(Disclaimer: These snack personalities have no scientific backing whatsoever. It’s simply all in the name of good fun!)

1. The Joker

The Joker is an entertainer with a smile that radiates genuine warmth. They aren’t too fussy with the snacks they eat, but it should help to get the party started and the conversations flowing. Their snack personality is fun, messy and full of flavour. Serve them some potato chips, prawn crackers and more importantly, dips for the chips that match up with them the messier, the better!

Try your hand at making this quick Sour Cream Cheese Potato Chip Dip for a unique flavour that will serve a cosy party of four nicely.

What you’ll need:

225g sour cream
225g cream cheese
1 packet ranch dressing
1 cup FairPrice Shredded Cheddar cheese (save some as topping)
½ cup FairPrice bacon, cooked and chopped finely (save some as topping)
¼ cup spring onions, chopped (save some as topping)


What you’ll need to do:

1. Combine the sour cream, cream cheese and ranch dressing in a bowl. Mix well. Stir in the shredded cheddar.
2. Stir the chopped bacon and spring onions into the mixture.
3. Top it all off with chopped spring onions, bacon and cheddar. Serve with some sour cream & onion potato chips for a double dose of flavour!

2. The Social Butterfly

Their personality lies in the name — they flit around from person to person, yet make genuine connections with everyone in the room. They will charm your socks off with their endless chatter!

For this personality who loves to be surrounded by people, give them snacks that are popular with practically everyone such as frozen pizza, nuggets and chicken popcorn. These snacks are well-loved at any party, just like this personality is!

Top view of hand holding a chicken nugget with other fast food on a wooden table

3. The Health Nut

You know the ones who reject all the fried stuff and go only for the healthiest alternatives available. There’s bound to be a variation of the Health Nut at any year-end party! They are mindful of what they eat and scrutinise healthier food choice labels and claims such as “trans-fat free”, so there’s nothing better than giving the Health Nut guilt-free snacks such as nuts (pun intended). Serve up some baked walnuts, cashew nuts and almonds —  they will love these healthy and cholesterol-free options!

Woman in a red cardigan holding up and eating from a wooden bowl of almonds

4. The Traditionalist

The Traditionalist is serious and usually slower to accept people who may have differing views from themselves. Try not giving anything out of the ordinary by serving up old-school snack choices such as muruku, prawn crackers, tapioca crisps and spin crackers. These traditional snacks will find favour with this snack personality!

Bowl of traditional crispy Asian snack on a white background

5. The People Pleaser

Some studies have shown that people with a sweet disposition that seeks to please everyone tend to have a sweet tooth as well. This snack personality is sweet yet soothing — you’ll melt their hearts with a serving ice cream with sugar peanuts, a chocolate marie biscuit and even rainbow sprinkles for a vibrant pop of colour!

Chocolate crepe and vanilla ice cream, French food, banana and peanuts toppings

Do any of these snack personality types match up with you or anyone you know? Have fun pairing the right snack with the right personality at your upcoming parties at home!

Did You Know?

The intense, yet light and refreshing fruity flavour of a sorbet is traditionally used as a palate cleanser after fatty foods in restaurants!