Unscrambling the types of eggs in Singapore

Unscrambling the types of eggs in Singapore

It’s hard to miss the variety of eggs at the supermarket when you’re grocery shopping. Ever wondered what makes them different? With such an extensive range of choices, you want to make sure you’re getting the perfect egg for your ideal diet.

Here’s our guide to the types of eggs you can find in Singapore. Which of these are you cracking over the pan next?

Carrot Eggs

What’s the reason behind the unique name of these eggs? In any batch of Carrot Eggs, you can find the greatness of

  • Lutein,
  • Vitamin A,
  • and Vitamin E!

Lutein protects the eyes by filtering out blue wavelength causing free-radical damage, improving your eyesight. The perfect addition to a healthy, hearty breakfast!

Egg Yolk

First Born Eggs

These are the first lays from healthy, young hens. It’s believed by kampong dwellers to be nutritious and delectable, with a petite and compact shape.

Farm fresh eggs

Farm Fresh Eggs

Opt for the affordable with fresh-from-the-farm eggs! Don’t worry, the quality and nutritional value of these eggs are not compromised. Hens are fed a wholesome mix of natural grains to produce fresh eggs of the highest quality with lower cholesterol.

Golden Corn Eggs 

Fed with only first-grade maize, hens lay Golden Corn Eggs that are rich in protein and low in calories. With its economical pricing, it’s the perfect choice for the health and budget-conscious household.

Cage-Free Eggs

Singapore allows Cage-Free eggs; eggs laid by hens that are not housed in battery cages. They roam in a building, room, or open area that includes nest space and perches.

White/Brown Eggs

Contrary to what you might’ve heard, the colour of the eggshells have no impact on quality, nutritional value or flavour of the egg. It simply depends on the breed of the chicken!

Hens with red feathers and earlobes lay brown eggs, while white eggs are laid by hens with white feathers and earlobes.

Baking with white eggs

Jumbo Eggs

Planning a jumbo breakfast to kickstart your day? Whip up some extra-volume scrambled eggs for a healthy dose of protein with Jumbo Eggs. Don’t be surprised to find two yolks when you crack one… talk about value for money!

Organic Selenium Eggs

This tongue twister-named variation is worth remembering! Certain farms add organic selenium into chicken feed to produce eggs with lower cholesterol content, giving you a healthier choice.

What is organic selenium?

Selenium is a key nutrient in animal nutrition and is crucial for an optimal antioxidant status and immune function. Selenium in animal diets can be supplied via supplemented organic selenium.

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