11 activities to keep kids of all ages busy

Recipes, crafts, and educational toys you’ll wish you’d known about sooner!

So you need to get the kids out of your hair for a bit — maybe an urgent piece of work just came in, or an errand needs to be run and it’s going to take a while. You’re desperately looking for an activity that’ll keep them occupied for a couple of hours without setting the house on fire.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with these 11 engaging activities for children of any age that are both entertaining and educational!


We all know a treat tastes even better when we make it ourselves. Recipes are a great way to teach kids to follow instructions with a tasty reward at the end!

1. Donut Apples

A healthy snack with a fun twist! Here’s an easy recipe with simple steps to make your own Donut Apples.

2. Fun fruit salad

Who knew fruit salad could be so fun? Have them scoop out an entire melon with a melon baller, or peel and de-seed a whole bag of rambutans, or even de-segment an entire box of mandarin oranges!

A child-friendly knife can also be used to slice soft fruit like bananas and strawberries. A colourful, sensory, and delightfully tasty activity! Get all the fresh ingredients you need for it here.

Arts and crafts

Bring out the artist in them! Stretch their creativity as well as their art skills. Organise a little art show at the end where they can showcase what they’ve made!

3. Giant family tree

On a big piece of cardboard or mahjong paper, have the kids design a giant family tree! They can even draw portraits of their relatives and write what they like most about them.

4. Origami

Learn the Japanese art of paper folding. With varying levels of difficulty, the possibilities are endless!

5. Play-Doh art show

Sculpt famous landmarks, objects around the house, even the family car. The sky’s the limit! You can find a large variety of Play-Doh products online at FairPrice here

Whatever arts and crafts activity you plan to do with the kids, get all the supplies you need here.

Educational toys

6. Unique and stimulating puzzle game

This brick puzzle game is so unique that it’s guaranteed to entertain! The little geniuses will have to think quickly and possess fine motor skills to knock bricks out of a wall without making it collapse.

7. Build-it-yourself solar powered car

Discover how solar and electrical energy are harnessed with this self-assembly car kit! Use construction skills and the step-by-step instructions to put together a car that can move using either solar power or electricity. It’s a great way introduce science and green energy to the kids.

8. Build the Tokyo Tower

A colourful brick-building activity by Brixies will help you and the kids create a model of this easily recognisable international landmark!  Tokyo Tower!

9. This critically-acclaimed kid-friendly video game

For the Nintendo Switch — widely regarded as one of the best video games for kids, this game puts a unique spin on our favourite superhero stories!


Collaborative activities are a great way to teach teamwork, communication, and responsibility. Everyone has a part to play!

10. Helping out around the house

Housework may sound like an unusual choice for family fun, but kids love being given a job they understand — especially if they get to do what the grown-ups do. Simple tasks such as sorting a bookshelf are perfect for younger ones, while older ones can help with sweeping or vacuuming!

11. Create a toothpick tower

The toothpick challenge is a great way to improve their problem-solving skills while creating something fun. Using toothpicks and plasticine, create the tallest tower possible!

Get everything you need to keep little hands occupied here.

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Did You Know?

KKids can actually enjoy housework! Make it fun by assigning simpler tasks to the younger ones. Read more on how to do this!